Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fully Human-Fully Divine

Am absolutely loving Chistology this semester, although I've only been to class once due to changing of classes and other such delays. Am finally getting stuck into some good readings too, they've presented us with a wide range of views on the topics, which is very un-Tabor-as-I-remember-it, but am stoked with that.

Just catching up on last week's readings for class, which I had to miss due to being committed to running some welfare/life skills type classes with Shaz.

The topic is the whole fully human-fully divine debate, that is whether or not Jesus was both an actual person as well as being God. Sensational debate to have, and vital for our understanding of our faith.

He presents the classical orthodox view-basically that Jesus was fully human-fully divine, but also details some different views that Christians and scholars have had through the ages.

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