Thursday, August 11, 2005

God's Beer Brewers

Interesting post, courtesy of John.

Particularly liked one of the comments:

It seems that Christians gave up drinking alcohol as the church reacted (or over reacted) to the growing problem of alcoholism in society. Most alcoholics that I have known or read about drank in order to deaden their emotional pain, yet the church rarely addressed this issue. The church, it seems try to alter people's eternal behaviour without internal healing, whereas Jesus operated by healing people from the inside, and then their external behaviour would follow. The unfortunate consequence of all this is that Christians not only gave up drinking alcohol but they also gave up going to places where alcohol is served.


jarrod said...

So true Digs. Not addressing the cause. Reminds me of allopathic medicine- suppressive/mechanistic.

DanBert-E said...

Hey Digger whats also tragic is the reaction to the Jesus diet I read about in the Herald Sun. It included wine and this brought critisim from the evangelical churches in the states. They had made alcohol a sin in their specific denomination which makes Jesus a sinner and is completly unbiblical and dare i say heresy. When are we going to accept that it is not the drink but the abuse of it that is the problem!

owl said...

I came from a line of 2 pot
screamers. 8 years after my
conversion, I could no longer
justify my pub behaviour, and
if you didn't drink excessively,
you were 'out' anyway. I got
some of the lads to check out
our (upbeat) night service, but
none lasted. All in all, not
much spiritual use. I suspect
others have had this experience
also, not just being 'wowsers".

Garth said...

I also fear that when a whole denomination, or a whole congregation abstain, it shows there is little independent thinking or ownership of conviction. This issue is very much 'to each his own' but the follow the leader brain dead mentality removes individual freedom and places a real bondage on people. And this gives rise to a religiousity and a churchy culture that was never intended. We then find oursleves following a man's rules rather than God's heart.

At that...I think it's my shout!

Digger said...

Yeah I know, i saw that too Dan-some Christians are just such narrow-minded tools!
Yeah thats a total heresy-full on.

Digger said...

Hey owl, sorry I'm not following ya man-whats 2 pot screamers?

So what was of no spiritual use?

Also didn't follow your last sentence? Can you post/email me some explanations? May be just a generational language gap! :)


Digger said...

Yeah na I'm with ya there Garth-amen to that. Make mine a light, I've got school tomo :)

Bobbing Cactus said...

Wow this really got me thinking of this time i was hanging with some mates (all christians)drinking beers and eating the good ol' fish and chips. At first i was hesitatant to the idea of drinking because i was raised with the idea that drinking of any sort was bad. Later an odd thought confronted me "WWJD?" i mean what would he do at the time? so i came to the conclusion that if he were here he would probably be drinking beer (instead of wine) and eating F & C (instead of bread)...

Bobbing Cactus said...

hey garth, I see where you're coming from. But i guess that's where 'living for God' and 'living for a religion' comes in.

Noah Ashbrook said...

Hey digger, I rekon some christians should stop trying to find out wether Jesus was who he's written to be but instead try to be more like him.

Heyz bob, No-Ashy here. Yeah i remember that time...haha was the greatest!

Digger said...

Do I know you either Noah? Cos I've got no idea who bobbing cactus is?

Noah Ashbrook said...

No you don't but lets just say rather interesting person (bob) showed your blog and i thought, yeah i wanna be part of it. Hey i'm noah or Ashy, nice to meet you!

Digger said...

Fair enough, well welcome to the blogosphere noah/ashy! Hope you enjoy what I have to say here, and that it stimulates your thinking. Cheers :)

Noah Ashbrook said...

ooo i'm starting to feel a stimulating vibe already!
What a buzz!

Digger said...

I'm glad I could be of service to you :)

Anonymous said...

i dont know many christians but man created beer and christians dont drink it. god created pot?

Digger said...

Anon, I dunno which Christians you know, but the ones I know drink plenty of beer.

Yeah God created pot-whats the point?

Anonymous said...

well God also yeast to make the beer to! gee i feel so intelligent.

Digger said...

Yeah I'm still not following ya-is there a point?

Esky said...

yes, yes it's true. God created the heavens and the earth.. Pot and yeast.. now lets all dance the macarina, "HEY, MACARINA!"

Hey digger, wow what a collection of groovy-rific blog-ege!
Yeah, nah i never really understood the whole this-isn't/is-christian thing. It seems like everyone has their own opinion on what is christian. Going back to what Bobby said (hey Bob, you rock!) it really does come down to living for a religion or living for a God. I'm not really an expert in life as yet, but i've found a lot of things are over exagerated by the people in the church who have these rules that they want to be God's-chosen-decision, which ends up running into the growing youth in the community, who then believe christianity is ripped coz' they can't enjoy anything or look forward to enjoy anything. But that's just my experience.
Lol fish and chips and beers...and some solo for the youngions like myself, yep i can see it happening :D

Noah Ashbrook said...

ESKY!!!! hey girl...
Umm yeah i'll bring the tomato sauce i rekon ;)

Esky said...

hey there ashy! come hang out wit me on ma blog...
that way digs can have his back ;P
Hope to see you there matey!

Digger said...

So I'm guessing your from school noah ash? If that is your real name... :)

Esky you should create yourself a blogger user name, so that people can click on your name and go to your blog.

Cheers all

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