Thursday, August 25, 2005

In Search of the Spiritual - Newsweek Society

In Search of the Spiritual - Newsweek Society -
Fascinating article from Newsweek, a secular American magazine on the rise in interest in all things spiritual-very much a part of our culture today. The fact that Christians need to be aware of this, and to work out our response, has been one of my big things for a while now.

Here's a bit of what it says:

reveals a breadth of tolerance and curiosity virtually across the religious spectrum. And everywhere we looked, a flowering of spirituality: in the hollering, swooning, foot-stomping services of the new wave of Pentecostals; in Catholic churches where worshipers pass the small hours of the night alone contemplating the eucharist, and among Jews who are seeking God in the mystical thickets of Kabbalah. Also, in the rebirth of Pagan religions that look for God in the wonders of the natural world; in Zen and innumerable other threads of Buddhism, whose followers seek enlightenment through meditation and prayer


jarrod said...

Yeah one thing ive noticed at uni is that there are tuns of people who consider themselves "spiritual people." I find this an interesting phrase and almost always ask them what that means (to them). With such responses as "its everything, its just everything," or "its got to do with my connectedness (or awareness) to/of the source." Perhaps, as i am quite sure is the case, there is simply not the framework in our society for these people (as in alternatively spiritual) to experience God and investigate who the person of Jesus is. Or maybe these people are engaging in God in just another way...

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