Thursday, August 11, 2005

Magick and true faith

One of the other things Ash talked about, which i have heard before, and totally dig-is the difference between magick and true faith. Don't ask me why its got a k, it just does.

You see magick is trying to manipulate God/the gods to do what you want, whereas true faith is submitting your will and life to God for God to do with it as God pleases..

A pretty simple little statement, but it has massive implications for how we live our lives, what prayer looks like etc.


Kirsty said...

The difference between Magic and Magick is that magic is like card tricks, disappearing rabbits that kinda stuff where as magick is like wicca for example… more spiritual, god and goddess stuff (don’t hold me to that but I’m pretty sure that’s what the “k” means) like your talking about which answer a lot of questions for me because I had been wondering about the similarities between magick and Christianity, like how god fits into it all. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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