Monday, August 08, 2005


This would have to be the worst sportingweekend on record-ever! First of all the Aussies lose to the freaking Poms by two runs, then the Mighty Pies capitulate by a goal despite being up by 23 points with six minutes to go, then despite annihilating the Scummerville reserves by 80 points, the Yabbie reserves find out we'll miss out on finals by half a game!

The test was absolutely amazing though, the amount of times it swung back and forth, from them leading by 100 runs, to that ball from Warnie (don't worry Warnie-I still love ya) then 3 wickets in two overs from Brett Lee, then Flintoff takes 4 wickets in 9 balls, before Kaspa and Brett Lee put on 59 for the last wicket, only to fall two runs short! Thats why I love test cricket!

The Pies season is over, but it still would have been great to knock off the old shinboners.

The Yabb seniors will be making another finals appearance, which will be great to watch, providing I can shuffle it in around the VETAMORPHUS retreat, but I would have dearly loved to play finals footy-having never played finals in my life. But we'll be back to try again next year.

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