Tuesday, August 02, 2005

So many choices!

The hard thing about starting a new church/congregation is the amount of choices you have to make! I am so thankful I have a church that hasn't tried to make us import a certain model of church, but it just makes it so much harder-but in a totally good way.

It would be so much easier-but the church would be so much worse off, if we just copied what somebody else was doing.

When do we meet, how often, what do we do, who else will join us? As I said tonight, pretty much everything is up for grabs. The thing that I like about the approach we're taking at Frankston at the moment is that we're setting up a few non-negotiables, a few things that you have to do to be a part of our church, but then letting the people put their minds to work on how to make it most relevant to their people.

Hard choices, hard decisions, but good times.


phil said...

Hi Digger,
That is very similar to the approach at Northern. You need something that will create/protect and define your dna of the whole but you also need flexibility and fluidity at the edges.
Good on you.. Looking forward to hearing more.

jarrod said...

I agree digger. it is bloody hard, but at the same time mighty exciting. Maybe we are just thinking too hard and should just get into it. Take a step of faith. Tho i must say, for me, one of the main issues at the moment is determining whether or not the vision/idea is of God or of Jarrod. Feel as though im gonna spend 2 and a half years working that out!

Digger said...

Yeah I know Jarrod, how much of a loser would you be if you did that!

Hey Phil do you know of many other churches taking similar approaches to you guys at Northern?

phil said...

I don't know of many who are up and running in this direction.. I guess RED are of a similar style.

There are some who are moving in this direction like Mitcham Baps (Chat to Matt Glover fellow forge intern) and two in WA but the names escapes me at the moment.

Mim said...

what are the non-negotiables?

Gareth Williams said...

Just go for it mate. Work it out as you go along and see what happens. It's scary, not always fun, difficult, challenging but better than having all the answers and then finding out that they're the answers to the wrong questions.

Digger said...

Cheers Gaz, good to see you on here mate!

Yeah we're slowly moving along, met a couple of times already, a bit of fun hey!