Saturday, August 27, 2005

A society of fear

Read a fascinating story in this morning's Age-which for some reason is not available via their online version-so no link available. It's basically the story of a writer who was asked to turn his laptop off at the footy because he was, well, dark-skinned. Apparently some other members of the crowd had felt uncomfortable with him writing on his laptop-apparently more of a terrorist threat than speaking on his mobile phone. It's a well-written piece and a great little read.

I think it speaks absolutely volumes about the society of fear that we live in-I mean how much anti-terrorist propaganda do people have to take in before they start getting scared of a dark-skinned man typing on a laptop. The next thing you know dark-skinned people won't be able to walk down the street on their phone, take a photo of a prominent landmark or get on the train with a backpack without somebody calling the terrorist hotline? It's just bullshit.

I hate it that citizens of this supposedly free country can't feel safe-either because everybody thinks they're a terrorist or because they've been told to fear anybody who's dark-skinned or muslim. Fear is a powerful evil within our society.

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