Friday, September 23, 2005

The Australian: The atheist who's Selling Jesus

The Australian: The atheist who's Selling Jesus [September 20, 2005]
I found this fascinating story via Steve Addison's blog, which also has a lil write up. His is a great blog to do with all things church planting, and is a great read.

Basically the article is about how a whole bunch of churches have hired some marketing guru to help them advertise, and I guess in the end increase people following Jesus. It's just in Adelaide at the moment, but can be found here.

I am a little dubious about this, but it could have some good outcomes. I've seen the ad, and i like their approach. Basically capitalising on the whole 'Jesus=Cool, Church=Crap' thing that is predominant these days.

That's all well and good, but at the end of the day, Jesus does call us to live out our faith in community with other Christians. Which means, whatever form it takes, we're called to be a part of a church and the Church.

I do like what one of the dudes said 'We're just trying to trigger thoughts and conversations', which is definitely a response that resonates with me. If that is backed up by faithful Christians living out their lives missionally with those around them, then it might have some effect.

But I do wonder if that's the approach that Jesus would take? One part of me says no it's not, that the way Jesus did his ministry was through relationship with people, rubbing through onto them so that they would then do the same. I think of the Kingdom of God being like yeast in some flour, a small insignificant looking part, that infiltrates society subversively.

But then the other part of me says that Jesus did preach to crowds occasionally, that he was an excellent storyteller, and that maybe He would use the medium of the day-TV and radio advertising to tell the story of the Kingdom.


owl said...

I go with your first gut feeling
- this is dubious - darkness &
light don't mix. To get ideas from
the guy may be of some use.

Trav said...

Yeah i think Jesus used many different evangelism styles both relational and confrontation. I think Christians (myself included) tend to pick the one we like and defend it as the best way to do evangelism. I like your thoughts.

Saemon said...

Hey Digs,

Can you tease out (if you get a chance) what you meant by: "Jesus does call us to live out our faith in community with other Christians".

I'm sick at the present, so my head is a bit foggy - but isn't that a Pauline thing? I thought that Jesus called us to live in Community - where ever we find ourselves - with the least of these, but Paul called us to separate ourselves from the least (or at least, the least who don't fit our ethical mold).

I don't know - What do you think?
This could be the cold and flu tablets speaking?? Sae

Digger said...

Yeah I don't know actually Sime, I'd have to do a bit more reading into that one.

I know Paul definitely does go on about looking after our Christian brothers etc, I seem to have a faint recollection of Jesus being on about something similar, but I could be mistaken.

But do tell me more about Paul calling us to separate ourselves from those who don't fit our ethical mold?

Saemon said...

Still on the Cold & Flu tablets...

Paul was very big on Christians keeping themselves 'pure' - as the bride of Christ - the bride keeps herself 'pure' for her husband - seperate from those who can make you unclean - basically anyone whose activities are an afront to us. This probably is a throw back from his Pharisee days...

But Jesus was all about sitting in the gutter with the lowest of low - giving them unconditional love, being with those who society don't see - the tax collectors and the prostitutes - Jesus shouldn't need an Advertising Exec to sell his message - it should (I apologise for the 's' word) sell itself through the actions of Christians who exist in the community as reflections of the one that they follow. Not existing for the benefit of other Christians.

This still could be the drugs talking.

Digger said...

Hmm, thats an interesting thought Saemon, I'd never really looked at it that way before. Thanks for the explanation though, know what you're talking about now!