Monday, September 26, 2005

Float like a ox, sting like a butterfly

I'm beginning to think my co-ordination skills are most definitely not in the area of boxing. I've been doing it for a couple of weeks now down at the footy club as a bit of fitness until pre-season starts in a couple of months, and I've still got heaps to learn! Ducking when I should be weaving, jabbing when I should uppercut, its definitely not easy. But I'm loving the fitness, and its heaps of fun. Cinderella Man here I come hey!


Esky said...

yeah! i can see it now...punching and jabbing and 'eye of the tiger' playing in the background...
Try red bull for that floating gives you wings! yep aha!

Digger said...

Haha, thanks for the advice esky. But that would probably go against the health kick I'm on at the moment too!

Digger said...

And all this blogging is slowing me down from replying to your emails-will get onto it soon!

Matt Glover said...

You've got the makings of a great fundraising event for your Chruch here Digs. $5 to punch digger in the face! I'm sure you could find enough people wanting to do that to make a few hundred bucks or so!

Maybe at the next State youth Games...?

Anonymous said...

:) do you ever use the bags- have real issues with those smaller ones that hang! thats a painful lack of co-ordination- but if my boxing instructors correct- 'pain is just an emotion'.

Keep at it you'll get there!

Digger said...

Na I'm all over the little hanging one like a fat kid on a cupcake-its the little ball attached to the floor to ceiling rope that makes me feel the most unco!

The Rev said...

the double end bag takes a lot of work to master. You should spend as much time as you can boxing in the mirror, that is where you get your co-ordination and technique from.

And anytime you want to work on some boxing just let me know.

the rev

Digger said...

Yeah I might just do that mate, should be a bit of fun

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