Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Importance of Prayer

Had my last class for a couple of weeks the other day-woohoo! No real break though, as I normally have to work a fair bit over the holidays to make up for my lack of money made during the school term.

In my public communication skills class the lecturer was talking about personailty type and how that relates to small group leadership, which was stuff I've covered before but still interesting. She then went onto talk about a study this guy in America had done that dealt with small group growth and multiplication.

The study was done with over 700 leaders of small groups whose explicit purpose it was to grow and multiply, so we can be pretty sure they were on about the same thing. He asked them 30 questions and discovered some interesting facts to do with factors that do and don't affect the health of the small groups.

Some factors that didn't affect the health and multiplication of the groups were:
The leader's gender, social class, age, marital status or education.
The leader's personality type.
The leader's spiritual giftings.

Factors that do affect multiplication:
The leader's devotional time. (He reckoned that leaders who spent 90 mins a day devotional time on average muliplied their groups twice as much as those who spent 30 mins)
The leader's intercession for group members. (How much they prayed for their group members.)
The leader actualy spending time with god to prepare a meeting.
Setting goals for the group.

Now if that doesn't challenge me as a Christian leader then I don't know what will. It does raise some interesting questions for me in terms of my understanding of prayer and how God works in all of that. I've got no problems asking those kinda questions, as long as my head understanding doesn't get in the way of the heart challenge that God is giving me.


Kitty Cheng said...

wow this is an interesting study with a challenge isn't it?

Sae said...

Hey Digs, I agree with Kitty - that is a very interesting study with an even more interesting result aka challenge for leaders. Its one of those things (at least in my experience) that is just assumed that Christians do - the daily devotional/quiet time, but it is something that I have struggled to do consistently - especially with study and ministry commitments - but it is/must be a vitally important part of our existence - maintaining the vital connection to the source.