Friday, September 30, 2005

Ripping down the leggies

After much persuasion and realisation of the need to stay active, I've decided to don the whites again and come out of cricketing retirement!

Been rolling the arm over a few times down at training, and scored myself a game for tomorrow, in the fourths, which is C2, which will mean something to probably two of my readers! That comp will suit me well, as its all one-dayers, and weekends are notoriously hard to find at this time of year and leading up to Christmas.

Annoying thing is the rev only picked up a cricket ball six months ago and is already in the thirds! I reckon he must have threatened to punch them if he didn't get a game! Or he could just be a more naturally talented sportsperson than me-which isn't hard!

Should be fun though.


john jensen said...

Maybe my team just sucks :)

I have been practicing in the nets once or twice a week for months. I turn a ball in my hand for hours everyday. I have that newly converted fire in my belly. I will be playing in the firsts by the end of the year :)

Hope you get a bag tomorrow mate.

the rev

Trav said...

did you guys win?

Anonymous said...

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