Thursday, October 06, 2005

Happy Blogoversary!

Well today is the first birthday of my blog! Woo-hoo! Happy Birthday to me!

I'm pretty amazed to be honest to look back over how much drivel, with some occasional helpful stuff, that I've written. All that after starting a blog by accident, after wanting to comment on Cutlers blog-which he wrote on three times! Looks like I'm the one that got sucked in!

People ask me why I blog, and there's a number of different reasons really. One, I just really enjoy it, there's something about the vulnerability of putting your thoughts out there, opening up some of your biggest questions to all and sundry-and sometimes getting some replies.

I find it a great tool for theological reflection, for disciplining myself to sit down and process certain events, to try and find where God is already at work in my life, and to work out how to respond accordingly. Often my understandings have been challenged and deepened, and sometimes reassuringly confirmed. Sometimes its good just to know you're not the only one out there facing certain questions and coming to different answers.

I also find it helpful in forcing me to articulate what I'm thinking, to actually try and put it down in a form others will understand. One of my biggest mantras is that new information is worthless unless you pass it on to somebody else, and often blogging gives me a forum to try and do that.

I absolutely love reading, commenting on and interacting with other bloggers. I've made some new friends, meet some great people, and learnt SO much that otherwise would have slipped underneath my radar. There's so many smarter people in the world than me, and blogging gives me the opputunity to hear some of what they have to say. The same reason I read lots of books, but blogs are often heaps easier to read and digest.

There have been times when blogging has taken up way too much of my time, but really thats just me using blogging as an excuse for procrastination! I try not and read too many blogs these days, as you can only take in so much information, but its hard when you keep discovering new and different ones.

I would like to read a little more widely outside the Christian circles I move in, but once again, you can only read so much. I do have a couple that I make sure I read, people that I know see the world differently to myself. One of my big things is that everybody should try and read at least one book a year they know they will probably disgree with. If our faith can't stand up to challenges like that, then its hardly a faith worth having I reckon.

I do like to link out to others often, anything that I've read that has stimulated my thinking will likely do the same for others, which is why I'm always linking to stuff all over the place.

It is easy to get caught up in it all, to make sure you're posting regularly, seeing how many people comment, how many people visit each day (it does constantly amaze me how many people read this-but its far too easy for that to become an ego thing, and luckily I'm over that. But it does still give you a kick when you know people are interested in, or have had their thinking stimulated by, something you've written.

Anywho, its been a fun first year-who knows if I'll still be here a year from now!


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Anonymous said...

Now It's older, wiser and a tad greyer...WOWEE!

I guess i should thanks for putting your thoughts out there... but i won't-yet... i will NOW! Thanks for putting your thoughts out there.

Can't wait to see how far this reaches in a years time! 8)

Peace Esky

John M said...

Yeah good work Digger!
Lotsa peoples don't make it too long and give up blogging pretty quick hey.
No Diggity is a good read, thanks mate :)
I have my 1st blog birthday in a couple months! Can't wait!

Vawz said...

Happy Birthday from WA!
No Guarantees - vawz.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i reckon we are all better for your inputs digs. Keep it up. Thanks aswell.

Anonymous said...

oh... and you owe me $30.

Digger said...

Na, its only twenty I thought! Didn't you already owe me ten!