Monday, October 03, 2005

My Goth photos!

Had a mates 21st on the other night so decided to goth it up-and I was pretty happy with the results I must say. Managed to freak a few people out. Had a lot of fun walking up to random people, tapping them on the shoulder and just staring at them with my best death-stare! Will definitely use that costume again!

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The Neuromancer said...

As a purist of sorts, I have to correct you. The image you present is not infact the goth look. What you have is the Black Metal look. The style of face paint you donn there is commonly known as corpse paint. The main features of the black metal corpse paint are:
*White base
*Thick black eye work and the occasional tail from the edges.

This design best reprisented by norwegian black metal band Immortal
and Fenriz of Darkthrone

So what is the goth look? well, it varies quite a bit, but the most common goth that you will see and people will refer to wears a light foundation (not paint), mascara, eyeshadow, stain free lipstick (wouldn't want to smudge and possibly expose some actual colour would they?) and may on occasion ad decorative lines.

To put it simply, Black Metal - Paint
Goth - Make-up

oh and this is an excuse to let the mind run free through the fields of tongue in cheek for a bit.