Saturday, October 22, 2005

Spirituality Smorgasboard

Whilst I'm in the mood for plugging events, here's another that looks really cool.

Recently a few Churches of Christ people got together to work out some ways to pull together the various young adults ministries around the place, and have come up with the basic concept of putting on a different themed night every two months or so at various locations, to try and draw on the experience and skills of lots of different churches, rather than one church trying to do it all. So I' a big fan of the concept, and particularly this event.

Spirituality Smorgasboard

“Experience diverse, practical ways to deepen your connection with God”

Alternative Prayer
Images of God
Stages of Faith
God in the Everyday
Dream Interpretation
Our Personal Stories
Silence & Contemplation

Saturday October 29th
2pm – 5pm
Southern Church of Christ
2-12 Chesterville Road Cheltenham

To find out more, check out the hyperlinked title of this post.


Carola said...

Hey Digs!
just was reading your blog... havent read in a while! So had a bit to catch up on!
Still a chatty as always, keep it up!

Sounds like the Spirituality Smorgasboard will be a great event!
would go but ya know, its in another state and my lack of moolah... tells us how it was *if you go yourself*


have a great day! :)

Digger said...

Hey Rav, sorry 4 not replying earlier. Yeah it was a great event actually, will post up some reflections etc soon.

Yeah I guess being in another state is a reasonable excuse... :)

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