Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Switchfoot's Band Page

Switchfoot's Band Page
Last week I was lucky enough to score myself a few free tickets to a Switchfoot gig in the city at the HiFi bar and ballroom, a quality venue right in the heart of the city.

Managed to squueze my way into the second front row, which afforded me a pretty good view. And man did they put on a good show. You could tell they were really tight, sounded awesome, even had all the jumping around and off stuff in time with the music and that. Got to shake the lead singers hand, as well as make him laugh and have to delay starting a song due to a gag about airline socks-ya had to be there.

Not only am I into their music, but I really dig their outlook on life too. They're more your Christians-in-a-band than a Christian band kinda group, which I tend to get into more, and their songs just ask some really good questions and have a lot of themes that really connect with where I'm at.

Thanks to Mase for pointing me to this page on their site, kinda relates to my previous music post. Some really wise words from some pretty switched on dudes.

It was interesting looking around at the crowd and seeing how much they really got into the music, and seemed to really connect with the band and the lyrics of their songs. Definitely a very spiritual connection point for a lot of people, what Steve Taylor would call a peg community . Thats a topic I'd need to learn alittle more about myself, but sounds like an interesting idea.

Anyway, check out their site, and see them in concert if at possible.