Monday, October 03, 2005

When good music goes bad

I was shattered today to learn that one of the most terrible songs on radio, (apart of course from the freaking crazy frog)My Humps is by the same crew who sung one of my favourite songs, Where Is The Love-the Black Eyed Peas.

I just lose so much respect for bands that sing crappy meaningless pop songs, particularly chick singers who just sing about their tits and arse, and having sex with lots of men-as Fergie does in this song. I just feel it demeans them as artists, and reduces them to sex objects. Many people, including the artists themselves, may disagree, but hey.

I think its an interesting insight into our culture, that one minute bands can be singing about world peace and asking big questions about life and our existence, then the next minute talking about their humps (who calls them that anyway?!). We seem to be being told that we can just pick and choose which morals we adhere to, and which don't suit us. Very postmodern and pluralistic.

Another good example would be Kanye West's quality album College Dropout. One minute he's got one of the most open and honest songs about Jesus I've heard in a long time-Jesus Walks, and the next its your standard bitches and hoes. Some very interesting cultural juxtapositions.


Anonymous said...

word, brother!
totally 100% dig where you're comin from.
loved your interpretation of why it happens/how it reflects on society.

Anonymous said...

btw, switchfoot have a new album out, 'nothing is sound'. quality stuff it seems, and they say some great stuff about it under the 'band' section on the website! you should check it out if ya get round to it. (

Digger said...

Yeah I know mate-I was at their gig last week ;)
Not a bad new album, a bit softer than beautiful letdown, but still good. I'll have 2 check the site out, thanks mate.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what sort of input/influence producers/record companys have on the output of bands. Maybe it could account for SOME of the inconsistency? A plea for better sails. who knows.

Digger said...

Or sales-either one!

lgarth said...

Hey Digger
Agree with your quote on Where is the Love by BEP's. What an awesome song and what a shame for the rest of the music to sell out to the big buck. Still, it's good to know sometimes people's consciences still shine through and good songs can be made.

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