Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Who's the addict?

Layer that May Be Described as Emergent: Who's the addict?
Christop has just posted up some short reflections on one of my favourite things to do in the city-the Urban Seed City Walks. If you don't know much about them they're well worth checking out.

One of the things they talk about really well is asking the question: Who's the addict? They take you past their back laneway where a quarter of the citys drugs are done, whereas out the front people addicted to shopping spend thousands on shirts and ties. Raises some interesting questions as to who our culture see's as the ones with the problem...

Anywho, check out his site, check out Urban Seed and go and on one of their walks the next oppurtunity you have.


waynemus said...

I too spent some time last week on Mission Exposure in at Urban Seed. It greatly got me thinking about really what is our society focused on. And it lead me to concluding that society hails itself as bearing great liberities, yet really those liberities are just voluntary enslavement to consumer culture in disguise. Everyone has some form of addiction and this is prompted by inner beliefs that the self is the most important. Yet is this so, or just deceit working its grand illusion over us. ("Love thy neighbour as thyself" equality) In all things we should not hold ourselves up as a pinnacle, but rather lower ourself and lift up those on the bottom. If this was to happen true equality would be gained? But then again I was just branded a cynic on Sunday when I presented these reflections to someone at my church.

Anonymous said...

G'day Digs,
You continue to touch on some great areas for thought. Donald Miller (the "Blue Like Jazz" author) raises the whole question of what are/should we be addicted to in his latest book "Searching for God knows what". Deceptively easy reading that packs a theological whollop. Check it out if you get a chance (you can loan my copy off Ali & Jo).

Christop said...

Hi Wayne!

Digger said...

Na I don't reckon you're cynical at all Wayne, pretty spot on in fact. As usual, you articulate your thoughts very well-you've so gotta get your own blog.

Hey Storky, good to hear from you all the way from belgium! Do many people over there get into blogs and stuff?