Monday, November 28, 2005

The Dog a Saint!

You beauty! Yesterdays national draft has the whole of Tyabb buzzing! Thats right, our boy, the Sweene-Dog (Justin Sweeney), got drafted yesterday by the Sainters!

I was at cricket when we all heard, and everybody was absolutely stoked-phone's were going crazy ringing everybody else, all standing around the radio listening in to our mate stumble his way through his very first (of many by the looks of the publicity he's generating) interview.

And what's more there he is on the front page, and then again on page 3 of the Herald Sun! He even got an article in the Age!

The funny thing about it for me is that I was only talking to him Wednesday night, and there he was telling me he wasn't training at all, when in fact he'd been training away with the Sainters. Some sort of secrecy thing apparently!

No doubt you'll be hearing more about the Dog, and of course the fine breeding ground that is the Yabbie Pond, in the future. Good luck big fella!