Friday, November 11, 2005

Pointing to Jesus...

Have finally finished Tabor for the year!! Woo-hoo! And whats even better-I've got all of my essays in on time. One was about postmodernism and preaching, and the other was critiquing the Christology (stuff about Jesus) in the Da Vinci Code. I wanted to do Jesus Walks by Kanye West-but didn't think I'd easily be able to find other references so went for Da Vinci.

My closing paragraph, which again came up when discussing contemporary portrayals of Jesus and Jesus-related themes, was basically about what I'm calling 'pointing to Jesus'.

There is a paragraph in the middle of Da Vinci, when Teabing and Langdon are revealing to Sophie the 'truth' about Mary, Jesus and the Holy Grail etc. Sophie says that she has never heard any of these stories about Mary-that the ideas are all new to her. Teabing replies 'Magdalene's story has been shouted from the rooftops for centuries in all kinds of metaphors and languages. Her story is everywhere once you open your eyes'

See I think its kinda similar with Jesus. Jesus is absolutely everywhere in our society, in movies, music, TV-all over popular culture. His story is told everyday through nature, through the loving care of a nurse who cares for old people in a home, through anybody when they stop and reach out to the poor, who talks to the loner kid at school, anybody thats unconditionally loves and puts the needs of others first-through people all the time-in an absolutely myriad ways.

So perhaps it is our job as Christians to point out to people the Jesus they meet everyday, to open their eyes to see Jesus through movies like Fight Club, Unleashed, the Matrix, Remember the Titans or whatever, to open their eyes to the Jesus they meet in the poor and marginalised, to encourage them to name the Jesus they inherently connect with in nature. Instead of trying to tell people about Jesus-we just need to open their eyes to the Jesus they can already see.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on nearly getting the stuff in. Good work buddy.

Yep so true, so simple a concept but so true. Show Jesus they already see. I love how practical and simple that is and how it shows a picture that is accessible to all without any dogma or restrictions.

My final essay is on revelation and how people ultimately can't arrive at content of faith except through faith itself. You may not be able to see the links. But I have light bulbs" flashing like a fish and chip shop" going off for me.

Anonymous said...

brilliant stuff digs, i love it.
but ya know, i think maybe it is only God who can really steer people and work in them so they are ready to accept the fact that what's going on around them is displays of Jesus. How do we point it out? Do we say 'see what you just did? that was the sorta thing Jesus would do'...cos if Jesus means nothing to them, they may be more offended than anything!!! :P any thoughts on what 'pointing them to Jesus' actually looks like in practice?

Anonymous said...

Often struggle with the way some christians look at the world with the whole- if something good or you do something good it's God working but if something crap happens then it's the devil.
We like to think God only allows good things to occur but when it comes to tradegies he's there to help but had no imput into what happened.
Just think we apply that formular a bit too quickely sometimes and it might not be truth.
And agree with Mase that telling others this may seem really hypocritical and offensive.
Think you really need to know God and his ways well before you can tell people but that it's something we should all strive for because its really great seeing Jesus in others lives.

Digger said...

Yeah good call mase, it is only ever us doing God's work, being the human voice of God kinda thing.

In terms of examples, one recent one was a girl I was talking to at school, pretty rough kid, lots of issues-but quality person. Anyhoo, in the midst of all the stupid things she spends her money on, she faithfully gives $10 out of the mere $60 she earns a week to her sponsor kid.

I simply said i thought that was a really Godly thing for her to do, and although she may not believe in Him-that she was in fact doing a really Jesus-like thing.

Could have gone on to talk about us all being made in the image of a loving God that cares for the poor, that she loves the poor cos God loves them etc. But didn't get the chance this time. There was no lightbulb moments, she's not A Christian now or anything, but I think it got her thinking.

Another time she talked about wanting all the gang crap in her area to stop, and I said that was what God wanted to, that was what He was on about with john 10:10 etc, what the kingdom of God would look like in her area etc

Digger said...

Another would be my mate talking to a guy he met at the pub who got really angry about his friend having just sat on a needle. He talked about God really getting angry at injustice etc, how his anger was a really Godly attribute etc.

They're the first two examples that spring to mind.

It's an idea I'm still getting my head around, so not too many examples. Still something I totally need to put into practice but.