Friday, November 18, 2005

Speaking in Tongues

I can't believe I haven't even got around to posting about this show yet! I'm a massive fan of John Safran, and have been ever since the days of Not-the Sunscreen song and blowing cigarette smoke under Warnie's door to try and get him to lose his nicotine patch sponsorship. Then came John Safran vs God-one of my favourite TV shows for a long time.

Not sure if this one will be up to that standard, but its definitely got potential. Its basically just John and Father Bob, the most contankerous old priest I've ever seen-sitting around discussing the weeks news, with a spiritual twist, and getting various bizzaro guests in. Last week there was a hooker who had a Muslim dude marry her for half an hour so they could have sex, then divorce her. Kinda misses the point of the whole no-sex-before-marriage thing...

One of the funnier segments is where they get people from small cults/sects in to try and hook them up with single people from their same religion.

Anywho, check it out, its well worth a look. He always makes ya think, thats for sure!


Anonymous said...

What does contankerous mean?

Digger said...

Basically means someone's who's grumpy, gets annoyed really easily, always looking for something or somebody to disagree with.

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