Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Very cool illusion

Very cool illusion
This is indeed a very cool illusion! Check it out!


Crunchie said...

very trippy!! great to finally meet you Digger after seeing some of your blogs on Matt's website!

Digger said...

Yeah its weird hey! Its always a little weird meeting people you only know through blogs hey! By the way-I don't normally have this big abeard-its a bet!

You guys are pretty lucky to have a guy like MAtt looking after stuff at ur church-despite all the slander he says about me!

Crunchie said...

sure it's a bet....
yes very weird and outta the blue! didnt realise you were in Forge together! Yes we are VERY blessed with Matt AND his family!!
hope he doesn't give you too much grief....just give him a wet willy or a wedgie...i give you permission!!!