Thursday, December 29, 2005

Off to the Pyramid Rock!

No posts for a couple of days as I'm off to the Pyramid Rock music festival over NYE. Got a decent crew of mates going down, so should be an awesome weekend of hanging out and listening to some flippin sweet music!

If you see a dude with a shaved head and massive beard that'll be me!

GOLD DIGGER Lyrics-Kanye West

For all who happen to come here looking for the Lyrics to Gold Digger by Kanye West, then here they are! I apologise to all my regular readers who couldn't give a rats about Kanye-shame on all of you, but Google keep sending me people looking for the Lyrics-so here they are!

[Jamie Foxx]
She take my money
when I'm in need
Yea she's a trifflin friend indeed
Oh she's a gold digga way over town
That dig's on me

(She did me wrong
Now I aint sayin she a gold digger (When I'm Need)
But she aint messin wit no broke niggaz(She did me wrong)
Now I aint sayin she a gold digger (When I'm need)
but she aint messin wit no broke niggaz
get down girl go head get down (I gotta leave)
get down girl go head get down (I gotta leave)
get down girl go head get down (I gotta leave)
get down girl go head

[Verse 1:]Cutie the bomb
Met her at a beauty salon
With a baby louis vuitton
Under her underarm
She said I can tell you ROC
I can tell by ya charm
Far as girls you got a flock
I can tell by ya charm and ya arm
but I'm lookin for the one
have you seen her
My psychic told me she have a ass like Serena
Trina, Jennifer Lopez, four kids
An i gotta take all they bad ass to show-biz
Ok get ya kids but then they got their friends
I Pulled up in the Benz, they all got up In
We all went to Den and then I had to pay
If you f**kin with this girl then you betta be payed
You know why
It take too much to touch her>
From what I heard she got a baby by Busta
My best friend say she use to fuck wit Usher
I dont care what none of yall say I still love her

(She did me wrong)
Now I aint sayin she a gold digger (When I'm Need)
But she aint messin wit no broke niggaz(She did me wrong)
Now I aint sayin she a gold digger (When I'm need)
but she aint messin wit no broke niggaz
get down girl go head get down (I gotta leave)
get down girl go head get down (I gotta leave)
get down girl go head get down (I gotta leave)
get down girl go head

[Verse 2:]
18 years, 18 years
She got one of yo kids got you for 18 years
I know somebody payin child support for one of his kids
His baby momma's car and crib is bigger than his
You will see him on TV Any Given Sunday
Win the Superbowl and drive off in a Hyundai
She was spose to buy ya shorty TYCO with ya money
She went to the doctor got lypo with ya money
She walkin around lookin like Micheal with ya money
Should of got that insured got GEICO for ya moneeey
If you aint no punk holla
We Want Prenup
YeaahIt's something that you need to have
Cause when she leave yo ass she gone leave with half
18 years, 18 years
And on her 18th birthday he found out it wasn't his

(She did me wrong)
Now I aint sayin she a gold digger (When I'm Need)
But she aint messin wit no broke niggaz(She did me wrong)
Now I aint sayin she a gold digger (When I'm need)
but she aint messin wit no broke niggaz
get down girl go head get down (I gotta leave)
get down girl go head get down (I gotta leave)
get down girl go head get down (I gotta leave)
get down girl go head

[Verse 3:]
Now I aint sayin you a gold digger you got needs
You dont want ya dude to smoke but he can't buy weed
You got out to eat and he cant pay yall cant leave
There's dishes in the back, he gotta roll up his sleeves
But why yall washin watch him
He gone make it into a Benz out of that Datson
He got that ambition baby look in his eyes
This week he moppin floorz next week it's the fries
So, stick by his sideI know his dude's ballin but yea thats nice
And they gone keep callin and tryin
But you stay right girl
But when you get on he leave yo a** for a white girl

Get down girl go head get down
Get down girl go head get down
get down girl go head get down
get down girl go head

Saturday, December 24, 2005

More Jesus in the paper

Backyard Missionary � Blog Archive � Happy Clappy Christmas
I couldn't be bothered linking these two articles individually, so just go to Hamo's blog and follow the links from there if you want to read some more of what secular Australia is reading about churches and Jesus.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out this link I made the other day, and Melburnians would do well to read todays (Saturday) article in the A2 section about how everybody has faith-but that doesn't necessarily make them believers... Fascinating stuff.

More Christmas Reflections

planet telex � Blog Archive � Christmas Letter 05

I liked what Darren's on about here with his Christmas reflections, quality stuff. Give it a read if you're lacking inspiration for the Christmas season.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Idea for Christmas Church service

Those of you who organise Christmas church services may find this an interesting ideas stimulator, but considering Christmas is in 2 days it might need to be filed away for next year.

My Christmas thoughts

Don't want to rant and rave on, but just thought I'd quickly share my thoughts on the reason for the season.

My christmas thoughts this year are very heavily focussed on the Incarnation; the act of God-becoming-man. the story of a God who was so moved with compassion, whose heart was so wretched with pain at the plight of humanity, that He came and lived amongst us.

He made Himself open and vulnerable to the pain and suffering of humanity, and came to live out right relationship with the Father that we might see and understand.

So Chritmas this year for me is about mission, about 'As the Father has Sent me, so I send you' (John 20:21).

Whatever your reflections on Christmas are this year, I hope its a good one.

Jesus in the paper

This is one of the best newspaper articles on Jesus I've read in a long time. It's a couple of pages long, but well worth the break in the Christmas craziness. When I can afford a print cartridge I'll definitely print it out and store it somewhere-cos I'll no doubt lose it in the back blocks of my computer if I try store it there!

I also like it because it starts out with the lyrics to that sweet as 'Jesus was way cool' song!

THE problem is not all church leaders agree with others' interpretations of who Jesus is. Several men of the cloth are concerned that Jesus has become acceptable because He is viewed as a soft touch, who will not judge and who seeks only to love.
Cardinal George Pell is increasingly worried that Jesus is portrayed as undemanding. "Sometimes people talk about Christ and you wonder if they have ever read the Gospels. [They talk] as though Christ were totally inclusive, so it doesn't matter if you are a terrorist, a robber or rapist, you are quite welcome, with no call to repentance."

So true, we all love to focus on the loving accepting Jesus, but forget he did actually call us to stop, turn our lives around and repent. So much harder to preach than the lovey-dovey bits!

Jensen believes the boomer generation, which so vehemently rejected religion, is passing, leaving the next generation free to rediscover the story of Jesus. "Younger people might not be attracted to the church, but I think they could be attracted to Jesus if they knew Him."
At the same time, the danger of ignorance is that "the word Jesus will become a good word that we can pour all the words we want to into". This usually leads, says Jensen, to a tree-hugging-hippy kind of Jesus, who represents humanistic values such as tolerance and compassion. But this view of Jesus dilutes the power of His message. "We can't look at Him detached from the kingdom He proclaimed … repent and believe in the gospel - that was the message of Jesus."

Australians, he says, "have always appreciated Jesus' subversive streak - the way He overturned human traditions, criticised the religious and financial elite and mixed with the sinners and outcasts. There is a Mambo T-shirt that has Jesus at the cricket, turning water into beer. That says it all."
One key to His appeal in this country, he says, is "Australia's long love affair with the figure of the institutional rebel, and Jesus was certainly that.

I think this, amongst other reasons, is why I find the Jesus kicking over tables as my favourite Gospel story, and the one I most often preach on when talking outside church circles.

thinks that instead of going to church, Jesus might go to the beach or a mosque, and "try to engage people's imagination through storytelling about sand, surf and seagulls".
Peter Jensen's first reaction is to say Jesus would "join in the local festivities because He likes parties".

A great read, check it out.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Our Quest for answers...

the Weary Pilgrim: Obsession...our quest for answers Absloutely fascinating post!

Why oh why do I keep finding these cool things when I don't have anywhere near the time needed to even think about processing them!

Definitely a thought-provoker though! 'Jesus is asked 183 questions directly or indirectly in the four Gospels. Do you know that he only answered 3 of them forthrightly?

The others he either ignored, kept silent about, asked them a question in return, changed the subject, told a story or gave an audio visual aid to make his point, told them it was the wrong question, revealed their insincerity or hypocrisy, made the exactly opposite point, or redirected the question elsewhere!'

He himself asks 307 questions, which would seem to set a pattern for imitation. Considering this, it is really rather amazing that the church became an official answering machine and a very self assured program for “sin management. Raises some very interesting questions...

Looks like a decent blog too, might have to check it out.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas and the marginalised

Had some great discussion Tuesday night about a whole range of topics, what is church,worship, Christian living, and also a bit that sprung from my link the other day about big churches closing down for Christmas.

I'm not a fan of the idea, but one of the guys made a couple good points about why he liked it-in terms of people being at homes with their families, volunteers not spending too much time at church etc. Valid points but I'm still not a fan.

I went on to talk about how one of my main issues was the people who don't have a great family Christmas, for whatever reason-loneliness, lack of money, tough family relations, an unwillingness to put the Christ in Christmas or whatever, and how by not having a church service we're depriving those people of the oppurtunity for Christian community, to connect with God, reflect on the true meaning of Christmas etc.

Then he threw back that perhaps just inviting some of these people, particularly the poor/marginalised, to church was a soft option, that in fact if we really cared about them we'd invite them into our homes and lives, invite them to be a part of our family's Christian community...

I know that's challenged me all week...

Kanye West and U2!!

OK I realise I've probably posted a little too much latey about U2, but last night I heard rumours, just confirmed by a quick google search, that Kanye West will be supporting U2 next year! I'm full stoked as-thats gonna be so awesome! The only problem now is gonna be how long I'll have 2 line up to get a good spot-as we decided 2 get general admin tickets! Gonna be a quality night!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Nonviolent Protests

Many of you yesterday may have received text messages (many sent out by my good self) advertising a nonviolent protest against racism in Australia. 5pm today in Bourke St Mall if you're interested.

Whilst I think it is a fine ans noble idea, I have decided not to go for a couple of reasons, I couldn't justify the petrol money when I actually don't think they will have any effect. I say that because all the racist criminals in Sydney are unlikely to hear about the protests, let alone change their behaviour because of them.

For me, the reason I go to protest rallies is because I actually believe that a person's presence there, can make a difference on a larger scale. Sure me-only one person, being at a peace protest may not make the difference, but if everybody took that attitude...

I wish them well, and pray there will not only be no violence this weekend, but a change in hearts and attitudes.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Jon's Life: Short-Term Mission Trips: When are they Worth it & When are they Sinful?

Jon's Life: Short-Term Mission Trips: When are they Worth it & When are they Sinful?

This is by no means an exhaustive discussion of the issues around short term mission trips, but it is a good thought starter for people considering doing any sort of short-term overseas mission. I'm thinking about doing something similar after footy season next year with a mate from there-but it obviously wouldn't be a Christian thing (as he's not a Christian) so no doubt the issues would be quite different.

Conversations with Brian McLaren AUSTRALIA FEB 2006

planet telex � Blog Archive � Conversations with Brian McLaren AUSTRALIA FEB 2006

Brian McLaren is an author, thinker and pastor who has become one of the most respected voices of the “emerging church movement”. He will be leading conversations about the emerging shape of mission, the church and Christianity itself in our rapidly changing context.

Brian’s books have been significant for many in and on the fringes of the church.



2.30-4pm: Tabor College Seminar 1.
To Register PH: 03 9844 8800 Cost $10

9.30am -1pm: Rev Up: Whitley Baptist College.
To Register contact Simone Rickerby PH: 03 9340 8100 Cost $25

10.30am-12pm: Tabor College Seminar 2.
To Register PH: 03 9844 8800 Cost: $10

2.30pm-4pm: Tabor College Seminar 3.
To Register PH: 03 9844 8800 Cost: $10

7.30pm: Postcards From the Edge.
To Register Must RSVP: Cost: $15/10

I must say I am totally stoked to hear that Brian McLaren is finally coming to Australia! I can't wait! Some of his books, particularly A New Kind of Christian have been incredibly helpful to me and my faith, and helped me to navigate some of the big challenges I've put my faith through.

They helped me to understand a whole heap more about postmodernism, and how it has affected my worldview and our faith.

Anyway, lets just say I'm stoked he's coming out, and will most definitely be there next year. And I'm particularly looking forward to his new book on the Kingdom of God-totally my favourite topic at the moment!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Racist Australians

Anybody who says that Australia is any more open and accepting than any other country in the world needs to have a decent think.

I was ashamed to be Australian when my blearly sllep-deprived eyes read the paper this morning. What I saw and read was basically just the epitome of redneck Australia, as 'men of Middle Eastern appearance' were bashed and attacked by gangs of Idiot Australians. Apparently there's been bashings and rioting from both groups involved.

I think we as a country are kicking goals in many ways with racial recognition and acceptance and what not, but there's still so so far to go.

I dunno who started it, and I don't really care. (Answering that question is frivolous anyway, nobody ever really knows)

I just pray that the churches and mosques up that way are doing their bit for racial and religious harmony in their local area.

I got a golden ticket!

Although I am a little hesitant to post this after Matt G's stinging rebuke of all us U2 ticket buyers, I am pretty stoked to have finally got a ticket.

Lining up 4 12 hours was a bit of fun, many good times had by all, and something I can now say I've done. In a similar vein to what Matt was talking about-I did reflect last night on how much easier it was to get people to sleep out 4 this compared to when I used to run Winter Sleepout's with my old youth group.

Check out what he's got to say either way.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Sorry, but we are closed for Christmas - World -

Sorry, but we are closed for Christmas - World -
Found this little article today via Signposts, basically a whole bunch of American megachurches are closing down for Christmas, which this year also happens to fall on a Sunday.

I know for us at Frankston, it's one of the few times of year we always get a whole bunch of randoms walk in, as well as get to see members of other congregations and people who may not regularly come to services.

To shut down for the day would be stupidity for us, but perhaps their situation is different to ours, so it's not my place to let my experiences judge their decisions, but it does seem a little strange.

They comment that they want a more decentralized experience, with lots more little Christmas' going on in people's homes. Sounds like a good idea for every week to me ;)

Also, where does it leave those from non-Christian homes and families, who now will not have the oppurtunity to connect with God in Christian community on what is a pretty important day in the Christian year.

Just something that got me thinking.

Sleep Out!

Thats it! We've had enough of this shambles ticket buying system called the internet and phones-so we're doing it the old fashioned way and lining up for U2 tickets Sunday night before they go on sale bright and early Monday morning. There's no way I'm missing tickets this time!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bono n Alicia Keys

This is a great post about a new version of an old song that Bono and Alicia Keys have put together. I can't download the video due to the extreme oldness of my computer, but just reading the lyrics and the interview with Bono are enough for me. I always love what he has to say on world poverty stuff, very articulate and on the ball. Now if only I can get tickets to the second show in Melbourne...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Tonight at the Huddle we were reflecting on Mark 10:42-45:

Jesus got them together to settle things down. "You've observed how godless rulers throw their weight around," he said, "and when people get a little power how quickly it goes to their heads. 43It's not going to be that way with you. Whoever wants to be great must become a servant. 44Whoever wants to be first among you must be your slave. 45That is what the Son of Man has done: He came to serve, not to be served--and then to give away his life in exchange for many who are held hostage."

Great passage, one I'd kinda been thinking about a bit, and one that came up a bit over the weekend at Forge. The weekend was on Pioneering Leadership, and as usual there was some really good solid reflection on Jesus and his leadership and servanthood. People that just think Forge is all about new and funky churches really have got no idea-they are some of the most committed disciples of Jesus I know. Will hopefully blog more reflections later.

Anywho, we were discussing what that passage meant for us, both personally and collectively. Out of that, and as a bit of a follow on from other conversations we've been having, we've decided that once a month we're going to do some kind of service focussed gathering-whether that be for people or groups in our community, each other, people overseas or whatever.

Kinda like what we've been doing at Frankston with clean up Australia Day and the service service I organised a while back, only a little more regularly. Pretty exciting stuff I reckon.

No paid people=more money 4 others

The cool thing about being in a small church with no paid ministers is that we don't have any restrictions as to what we contribute our money towards. We didn't have any massive discussion over tithing, giving our money to God/church/people or anything like that, we just decided that as we're Christians, and as Christians we're called to help and serve those less fortunate than ourselves, so we're gonna sponsor a child from Africa.

Shouldn't be too hard to do with a few of us contributing, and we will need to have some more decent discussion about how we use our money, but its a great start I reckon. I just love the simplicity of it all. There's nothing new or emerging about sponsoring children-it's just a simple thing we can do to help.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Alt worship Digger

Put together my first 'alt worship' kinda dealio last night as part of the VETAMORPHUS final retreat-which went brilliantly-yet another testament to God just totally working in ways we never expect.

No time to sit and really blog up my reflections, as I'm heading off soon to our last Forge intensive (sorry about the crap resolution on the picture-will try fix that) which will no doubt fill my mind with plenty new ideas!

It was basically a whole lot of candles, ambient music, a slideshow on computer, and a whole bunch of interactive prayer-type activities. Started off with a guided meditation I wrote, then let em chill, then headed down to the beach and mucked around with glow-sticks (note: from past experience candles do not work at the beach!).

I think the main thing I love about these type of worship events is that often I find them to be a whole lot more real for me in terms of where I'm at in my journey with God, they don't suppose that things with God and I are at a stage where me singing happy lovey songs to Him is appropriate. It enables me to quiten down and listen to what is going on in me, and what God's doing in all of that.

Will try and post up some of the stations I used later.

A new Jerusalem/London/Melbourne

Stumbled across this today, and thought it was an interesting re-write and interpretation of Revelations 21, a great vision of what God's Kingdom would look like if it came more fully to London-just change a few place names and details and it could easily apply to Melbourne.

I love it, a great exercise to do. I saw a vision – it was last tuesday at 11pm at night.

I was standing at the top of the london eyeoverlooking the whole of london. The sun was rising and the city bathed in gold light.

The Spirit of God came upon me and breathed on my eyes,and my eyes were opened. I saw london the holy city coming down out of heaven;radiant, glinting like a diamond in the morning sun;and all were welcome in the city.

There were no more beggars or homeless people,and fear from 7/7 had gone from peoples minds and hearts. There was no longer any difference between Peckham and Knightsbridge.

Through the centre of the city the Thames ran with the water of life,crystal clear, not polluted,and all the children of london swam in it. And the Spirit showed me the tree of lifegrowing in Leicester Square.

I looked out and the streets were clean,women no longer worked the streets of Soho,the drug addicts were gone from Kings Crossthey had been welcomed into The Priory and treated for free,given the water of life and leaves that healed their bodies and minds.

Racist attacks were a thing of the past,Muslims freely walked the streets in their traditional dressand were welcomed by all. There was no more gay bashing,no more council estates in a run down state,neighbours spoke with one another,all could afford housing not just the rich,there was no more advertising,and women no longer had a bad body imageor felt the need to diet to be like the 'stars'for all were equal in each others eyes.

Elite education was gone,good schools were for all, young and old,universities were full of students from all over london,those who were rich and those who were poor,all could go.

Women walked the streets safe at night,men were full of passion and gentleness,no children were ever beaten or abused,and peoples sex was full of justice and joy.

An old man and women laughed for joy,as they chatted with the students in Hyde Park. I saw the church as one,where there was no longer any evangelicals, charismatics,catholics or protestants,all were one in Christ Jesus.
All worshipped together celebrating their differences.

This is what I saw looking over london;a city transformed,a city resurrected,and I believe it is possible.

Amen and yes, a loud, loud yes.