Friday, December 02, 2005

Alt worship Digger

Put together my first 'alt worship' kinda dealio last night as part of the VETAMORPHUS final retreat-which went brilliantly-yet another testament to God just totally working in ways we never expect.

No time to sit and really blog up my reflections, as I'm heading off soon to our last Forge intensive (sorry about the crap resolution on the picture-will try fix that) which will no doubt fill my mind with plenty new ideas!

It was basically a whole lot of candles, ambient music, a slideshow on computer, and a whole bunch of interactive prayer-type activities. Started off with a guided meditation I wrote, then let em chill, then headed down to the beach and mucked around with glow-sticks (note: from past experience candles do not work at the beach!).

I think the main thing I love about these type of worship events is that often I find them to be a whole lot more real for me in terms of where I'm at in my journey with God, they don't suppose that things with God and I are at a stage where me singing happy lovey songs to Him is appropriate. It enables me to quiten down and listen to what is going on in me, and what God's doing in all of that.

Will try and post up some of the stations I used later.


Anonymous said...

hey digs!
vet retreat was awesome, that was really probbally the best one. sooo awesome.
i really enjoyed wednesday night too, as the way of engaging with ourselves, God and being able to use those alt. ways of prayer was really awesome, being in a dif setting and mind set really allowd u to explore all the ways that u can connect. i really loved it and totally felt God's presence.
Im kinda shocked you wrote that was too good for digger style...haha just kidding buddy. i really enjoyed it. i hate hard floors, along with everyone, yet really felt the comfort and was able to think about and explore the things which i released through a stone a while after -for personal reasons i chose to throw it outside in the field, rather than in the bucket, which u suggested we did, but it still had the meaning. i truelly enjoyed the playdo one. i kept a bit of my playdo for the rest of the retreat, hence me playing with it on the video lol...i made a bigger hand with the playdo and it really represented God's hand to me. i chose to keep it for the rest of the camp as a reminder that the Lord always has the bigger, guiding hand.....i hope even a little bit of that made sense.
Thanks so much for everything digs!! P.S...i said that bit in a nasty voice...haha...youre so hilarious!
dont be smocked
hi 6
luv steph

John M said...

yeah i find my self sining something totally different to everybody else or praying because i just don't seem to be able to sing the songs that they are, and sometimes i think this has to do with the manner the seem to sing them sometimes, without any real thought of what they are singing and as if they are just singing nice things to feel good.

Anonymous said...

so digs. i know you've prob been asked this a million times before, feel free not to answer as im probably asking more for my own sake:
do we sing to tell God we love him cos we feel like it, or cos the Bible instructs us to do so - not only to sing, but to remember God's benefits and praise him for it, regardless?
just thoughts sparked from hangin with india ppl who love to sing :P
know that i totally love the alt worship stuff too.

Digger said...

Hey Steph, thanks 4 the kind words-I totally loved preparing it too, so looks like everybody's kicked a goal!

I too was actually kinda surprised i wrote that meditation-sounded too professional to be coming from me! Haha! Just somocked myself!

Glad u enjoyed the playdo one, tried to have enough varied stations that would engage different people and learning types etc.

Catchya round mate

Digger said...

Na na good question mase.

First of all my question would be-does the Bible actually tell us at all to sing songs to God?

I think we are called to, as you've put it '
remember God's benefits and praise him for it, regardless' but I guess like to explore different ways of doing that-as in the alt worship stuff, but also in ways that actually make a difference to the world-as in feeding the poor etc.

At the same time as all that, i think anger/frustration/questioning are all legitimate feelings toward God, and thus need to be validated and made room for. Which I feel singing lovey dovey songs does not always do.

There are some prime examples of that in the Psalms.

Also, in terms of the singing thing-I totally agree music and singing is indeed often a deeply spiritual thing in ways we don't really understand (see my post from earlier this year on the Spirituality of Songs), but are not always worship.

That all make sense?

Anonymous said...

yeh, definitely. it's all in my head, i just don't always seem to be able to join the dots :P

Anonymous said...

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