Friday, December 16, 2005

Nonviolent Protests

Many of you yesterday may have received text messages (many sent out by my good self) advertising a nonviolent protest against racism in Australia. 5pm today in Bourke St Mall if you're interested.

Whilst I think it is a fine ans noble idea, I have decided not to go for a couple of reasons, I couldn't justify the petrol money when I actually don't think they will have any effect. I say that because all the racist criminals in Sydney are unlikely to hear about the protests, let alone change their behaviour because of them.

For me, the reason I go to protest rallies is because I actually believe that a person's presence there, can make a difference on a larger scale. Sure me-only one person, being at a peace protest may not make the difference, but if everybody took that attitude...

I wish them well, and pray there will not only be no violence this weekend, but a change in hearts and attitudes.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently last week was supposed
to be a non-violent show of strength,
but extreme political activists stirred
up a bunch of drunks and things just
snowballed from there. People going to
a non-violent protest in Melb. may
unwittingly contribute to similar.
I don't think massing publicly is a
good idea at the moment.