Thursday, December 29, 2005

Off to the Pyramid Rock!

No posts for a couple of days as I'm off to the Pyramid Rock music festival over NYE. Got a decent crew of mates going down, so should be an awesome weekend of hanging out and listening to some flippin sweet music!

If you see a dude with a shaved head and massive beard that'll be me!


kat said...

any chance of a photo of that new look of yours, digs?

Digger said...

Hopefully. I had no camera so my mates are sending me some, so hopefully I'll be able to post some pretty soon!

Oh and sorry 4 not replying to that question about postmodernism-will try and make a post out of it.

kat said...

great! sounds like a pretty scary look ;)

wow - thought that was just a by-passed question. thanks for sticking with it.

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