Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Our Quest for answers...

the Weary Pilgrim: Obsession...our quest for answers Absloutely fascinating post!

Why oh why do I keep finding these cool things when I don't have anywhere near the time needed to even think about processing them!

Definitely a thought-provoker though! 'Jesus is asked 183 questions directly or indirectly in the four Gospels. Do you know that he only answered 3 of them forthrightly?

The others he either ignored, kept silent about, asked them a question in return, changed the subject, told a story or gave an audio visual aid to make his point, told them it was the wrong question, revealed their insincerity or hypocrisy, made the exactly opposite point, or redirected the question elsewhere!'

He himself asks 307 questions, which would seem to set a pattern for imitation. Considering this, it is really rather amazing that the church became an official answering machine and a very self assured program for “sin management. Raises some very interesting questions...

Looks like a decent blog too, might have to check it out.


jpreto said...

Couldn't agree more! :)

Anonymous said...

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Digger said...

What the hell! How did this little machine that trawls the internet and places ads on people's sites know I was single!

And I am quite insulted at being called a lonely traveller in life!

Looks like I had better give Chi a call...