Monday, December 12, 2005

Racist Australians

Anybody who says that Australia is any more open and accepting than any other country in the world needs to have a decent think.

I was ashamed to be Australian when my blearly sllep-deprived eyes read the paper this morning. What I saw and read was basically just the epitome of redneck Australia, as 'men of Middle Eastern appearance' were bashed and attacked by gangs of Idiot Australians. Apparently there's been bashings and rioting from both groups involved.

I think we as a country are kicking goals in many ways with racial recognition and acceptance and what not, but there's still so so far to go.

I dunno who started it, and I don't really care. (Answering that question is frivolous anyway, nobody ever really knows)

I just pray that the churches and mosques up that way are doing their bit for racial and religious harmony in their local area.


Christop said...

Well, John Howard said that Australia doesn't have a racism problem, so it must be okay. It's lucky he told us, eh?

Anonymous said...

Yeah- saw it last night on the news. couldn't believe my eyes for a second there. It seems anything (like looking middle eastern like) will spark a riot.
It really makes me think, what's next?

Anonymous said...

I cannot beleive it either
BOTH sides are being stupid,
I meet with friends today who are typical aussie surfers
and they felt angry
and la ittle aussie pride
this is our country!!
they said to me,
who are they to tell us we cant wear bikinis on our beaches,
they are trying to control us
they said,
I reminded them Hitler convinced the german people using the same launguage,

Digger said...

Yeah that is good he informed us, all those wog and leb bashing text messages have obviously been misinterpreted!

And don't get me started on that Alan Jones dickhead... Some of the stuff he's said, he seriously should be questioned by the authorities, and possibly charged for inciting the riots...

Yeah who knows hey Esky-lets just hope stuff doesn't ark up down here.

Interesting thoughts Kimmy-good 2 cya on here!

Anonymous said...

Problem is Digs, tit-for-tat
continues until both sides
stop the causes of the problem.
Causes must identified and
addressed, or little changes -
resentful undercurrents continue.
There have been several turf
wars around the world lately,
and we are no longer exempt.
Jesus told us to be light in the
world, not coverers of darkness.

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