Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Computer Hacking skills...

Had no internet access, or computer for that matter, for the last week, as they're currently getting a total upgrade at the hands of a friend from church. So in a couple of days hopefully I'll be back online, bigger and better than ever.

As much as I love getting down and mixing it with the locals at the library, it does require me to get dressed, as sitting at the computer here in my underwear wouldn't go down too well for some reason.

It's annoying too, as I do actually have some stuff to write, unlike just plugging the Heard as I've been doing lately!

Hopefully will be able to get onto it STAT. Peace Out

Monday, January 23, 2006

Earth Footprint Quiz

Earth Day Footprint Quiz
Bugger it-my ecological footprint sucks! If the whole world lived as I do we'd need 5 planets!!

Kinda brings home all the stuff I've read lately about how caring for the enviroment/world around us, and looking at issues of the sustainability of my lifestyle as all important aspects of my spiritual life.

Not something we Christians have often treated as a part of our service to God/stewardship of the earth, but is one of the things we're gonna need to get onto to be relevant in this world... But more on that later.

Take the test yourself.

Final Heard for now!

I know most of the readers of this site won't know what I'm talking about when I mention the Heard, but for those who do, we had an awesome day on Thursday!

350 strong crowd, an Australian win, and some of our funniest chants and gags for a long time! For all the photos go to www.heardtheheard.com and check out the report from this year-I love the giant tennis court. Unfortunately no photos of the hilariously funny firemen that showed up in the last set because they heard Healey was on fire...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Wealth and happiness

I liked this excerpt that Father Bob has posted up on his blog, which is occasionally a good read, sometimes rubbish. Apparently from a book called Affluenza (great name for a book-meaning the sickness we get from having lots of money). Highlighting is mine.

"Australian's are three times richer than their parents and grandparents were in the 1950's, but they are not happier. Despite the evidence of a decline in national wellbeing, governments continue to put the interests of the economy first. Our obsession with economic growth and money means other things that could improve our wellbeing are sacrificed.

In the community there is a widespread belief that the values of the market - individualism, selfishness, materialism, competition - are driving out the more desirable values of trust, self-restraint, mutual respect and generosity.

Despite this anxiety, most people today feel alienated from the political process. The main parties seem too alike and have given up trying to build a better society.

The challenge of our age is to build a new politics that is committed, above all, to improving our wellbeing.

We often think of wellbeing as happiness, but it is more than that. It is also about having meaning in our lives, about developing as a person and feeling that our lives are fulfilling and worthwhile.

Our wellbeing is shaped by our genes, our upbringing, our personal circumstances and choices, and the social conditions we live in. Our collective wellbeing is improved if we live in a peaceful, flourishing, supportive society. Promoting wellbeing should be a political as well as a personal task.

Wellbeing comes from having a web of relationships and interests. Family and friends, work, leisure activities and spiritual beliefs can all increase our wellbeing. The intimacy, the sense of belonging and the support offered by close personal relationships are of greatest importance. Having more money matters most to the poor and to people who lack other sources of wellbeing, but for most Australians it counts little towards improving wellbeing.

Throughout history sages have counselled that happiness is not a goal but rather a consequence of how we live and that it comes from being content with what we have.

Today, we are sold a different message - that we will be happy only if we have more money and more of the things money buys. Human experience and scientific research does not support this belief."

Last call for the Heard!

I'm guessing most people remotely interested and in the area will have worked out whether or not they'll be coming to the tennis with the Heard by now, but if not, this is a final reminder.

If you wanna coome with us you pretty much need to register by today so we can organise hats etc. If you just rock up on the day remember to pay the $3 to like Matt or myself, just so we cover face-paint/chant sheet/face mask costs.

That website again is www.heardtheheard.com Get behind it Australia!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Coolest ever camp moment!

Due to my camera being most unfortunately soaked in lemonade a while back, I have no photos of my own to show of camp-so am awaiting photos from others, as I am from Pyramid Rock...

Anywho, in terms of the activities we did, it was probably one of the coolest ever! The theme wa Super-Size Me, so everything we did was done in an oversized way-the boot camp day, the giant dodgeball, the chasing of locals down the street who had water-bombed our camp-only to realise they were 17 year old girls! So just all the usuals.

Until the giant dance-off... It's always been one of my life dreams to be a part of one of those groups of people you see in movies where they all come out of the shops on a random street and just start doing all these choreographed dance moves! I realised these things don't just happen, and require heaps of co-ordination, so knew a camp would be my best bet!

After many a year of pleading, we finally got it off the ground! We checked with the police, who said they would pretty much turn a blind eye as long as we took responsibilty for injury etc, which was cool.

We had some music, which we played a couple times to the kids, before they broke off into groups to invent some moves which they then taught to the rest of the campers. A bit of practice and it was all systems go!

So we had a car with trailer and generator and massive speakers crank up down the main street, and all of a sudden-as if from nowhere-80 crazy young people ran out onto the road and started doing these sweet as dance moves. It was seriously one of the coolest things I've ever seen! All the locals came and watched, we even had some join in and dance up the back!

Alongside of that we had studies, worship, built relationships with kids and sometimes even talked about God! ;)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Another great camp coming up!

No posts for another week as I'm off to Halls Gap far too early tomorrow morning to lead on Youth Vision's Summer Teens Camp-the camp formerly known as Monbulk!

With any luck none of the kids will get sick from eating the dog food in the does-chicken-dog-food-taste-any-different-to-beef-dog-food game, and my little guided meditation and worship stations go well. I love these camps-I've seen God do massive stuff through them both in others and my own life, and I really like the wholistic kinda approach it takes.

It's not all about getting kids all emotional and hyped up and getting them to make a decision to commit to something they really don't understand, like so many youth events I've been to, but just about encouraging kids to more fully follow Jesus-wherever they are in that journey.

Prayer support from all those who are that way inclined would be much appreciated.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Here's another one of us mid-Mexican wave. Don't forget to check out www.heardtheheard.com for details on how to be a apart of the craziness! Posted by Picasa
Here's a photo of the Heard from a couple years back. We've grown a fair bit this year, and are looking at around 300 people this year! Posted by Picasa

Ekstasis: How To Handle Stress

Ekstasis: How To Handle Stress
Not an issue for me at the moment as I'm on maximum holidays, but I thought this was a couple of little easy points on handling stress. Good blog too.

The Heard!

Ok so now is the time of the year when most of my blog posts seem to consist only of references to the greatest day in Australian sport-the Australian Open with The Heard! If you haven't heard of the Heard then you're probably not fulfilling your duties as an Australian properly!

If you're not Australian then I guess you can only be envious of being one-live in hope my friends!

The tennis with the Heard is unlike anything you've ever experienced before, the colour, the chants, the humour, the Mexican waves-it's got it all! Captain Australia will be there as unusual, though all Australians will need to be out in force to support him as there are malicious rumours his arch nemesis-Captain UnAustralian will be there...

This year there will be a registration/chant learning night on down Frankston way as well, stay posted for detials on that one. We've got some ripper plans, so make sure you lock it into the diary. Check the website www.heardtheheard.com for more detials, including how to register, MP3s of some chants, plenty of happy snaps etc. Get into it Australia!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Pyramid can ROCK!

Best New Years ever! Great friends, awesome music, hot weather with cool sea breezes, quality view and less hair than I started with!

The highlights were easily Xavier Rudd and John Butler Trio, but Grinsppon were quality once again, Epicure, Bodyjar, Scribe and N'fa from 1200 Techniques were all quality, and Trial Kennedy put on an awesome show and I was most impressed. Look out for them!

The weather was insanely hot, a lazy 42 both days, with only a bit of respite from the cool sea breezes, which was quickly nullified by being in front of the stage and moshing!

The lowlights were being dropped whilst crowd-surfing, trying to eat 8 serves of Choco-Rice at once-officially the worst breakfast cereal ever! and losing one of my precious Dunlop Volleys! Also it was a bummer to miss Claire Bowditch, and the Panics due to being too hot to sit out there for ages. Plus the toilets were some of the worst I've seen!

Told a few people about this site, so Hi to all our crew-Flack, Kez, Michelle, Abby, Bec, Nash-head, Goonie, H, Jakeman, McFlurry, Steve, Will-Bob, Smurf, Duck, Mitzy, Jez, Ian, Rob, Zoe, Katabell, Catherine and Abby's other mate, as well as Jeff and Dave who joined us later. Hope i didn't forget anybody! A quick mention to the other Yabb boys who were there, Malty and his crew, as well as Matt and Russo's respective groups, who were all rocking on!

And goodbye to Chris the annoying guy from the line, and Amy the annoying smackie from next door. Respect must also go to the Lover Moustachio's despite them not giving me a T-shirt despite my newly acquired Mr T style handlebar moustache joined up to the massive sideburn chops!

Other highlights were the dudes who ran into the dam, lane cricket, throwing lollies which progresses into throwing eskies at each otherthe official stubby holders we made, the crazy chicks with pink headbands, and all the random people we started chatting to along the way, plus the plethora of people waering Vote for Pedro T-shirts!

Bring on Pyramid 2006 I say!