Saturday, January 07, 2006

Another great camp coming up!

No posts for another week as I'm off to Halls Gap far too early tomorrow morning to lead on Youth Vision's Summer Teens Camp-the camp formerly known as Monbulk!

With any luck none of the kids will get sick from eating the dog food in the does-chicken-dog-food-taste-any-different-to-beef-dog-food game, and my little guided meditation and worship stations go well. I love these camps-I've seen God do massive stuff through them both in others and my own life, and I really like the wholistic kinda approach it takes.

It's not all about getting kids all emotional and hyped up and getting them to make a decision to commit to something they really don't understand, like so many youth events I've been to, but just about encouraging kids to more fully follow Jesus-wherever they are in that journey.

Prayer support from all those who are that way inclined would be much appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

well i hope that u have heaps of fun whilst being up there it is really pretty up at hall sgap i like it.
well cya