Monday, January 16, 2006

Coolest ever camp moment!

Due to my camera being most unfortunately soaked in lemonade a while back, I have no photos of my own to show of camp-so am awaiting photos from others, as I am from Pyramid Rock...

Anywho, in terms of the activities we did, it was probably one of the coolest ever! The theme wa Super-Size Me, so everything we did was done in an oversized way-the boot camp day, the giant dodgeball, the chasing of locals down the street who had water-bombed our camp-only to realise they were 17 year old girls! So just all the usuals.

Until the giant dance-off... It's always been one of my life dreams to be a part of one of those groups of people you see in movies where they all come out of the shops on a random street and just start doing all these choreographed dance moves! I realised these things don't just happen, and require heaps of co-ordination, so knew a camp would be my best bet!

After many a year of pleading, we finally got it off the ground! We checked with the police, who said they would pretty much turn a blind eye as long as we took responsibilty for injury etc, which was cool.

We had some music, which we played a couple times to the kids, before they broke off into groups to invent some moves which they then taught to the rest of the campers. A bit of practice and it was all systems go!

So we had a car with trailer and generator and massive speakers crank up down the main street, and all of a sudden-as if from nowhere-80 crazy young people ran out onto the road and started doing these sweet as dance moves. It was seriously one of the coolest things I've ever seen! All the locals came and watched, we even had some join in and dance up the back!

Alongside of that we had studies, worship, built relationships with kids and sometimes even talked about God! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey Digger,
Awesome camp! Soooo much fun. The Giant dance-off was definately one of the best moments of my life! Hehe
Thanks for being the coolest small group leader....again!! (3 years-woo)
I have some photos, i will show you at the tennis or something!!

Mim said...

That's brilliant! was video taken?

Digger said...

Haha, yeah definitely one of the cooler things I've done-and I've done some cool stuff!

Yeah would love to see photos 4 sure! Email em if you can.

Hey Mim, well there may have been some techical difficulties with the video, so lets not speak of that...

Anonymous said...

All my photos are here.