Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Heard!

Ok so now is the time of the year when most of my blog posts seem to consist only of references to the greatest day in Australian sport-the Australian Open with The Heard! If you haven't heard of the Heard then you're probably not fulfilling your duties as an Australian properly!

If you're not Australian then I guess you can only be envious of being one-live in hope my friends!

The tennis with the Heard is unlike anything you've ever experienced before, the colour, the chants, the humour, the Mexican waves-it's got it all! Captain Australia will be there as unusual, though all Australians will need to be out in force to support him as there are malicious rumours his arch nemesis-Captain UnAustralian will be there...

This year there will be a registration/chant learning night on down Frankston way as well, stay posted for detials on that one. We've got some ripper plans, so make sure you lock it into the diary. Check the website for more detials, including how to register, MP3s of some chants, plenty of happy snaps etc. Get into it Australia!

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Anonymous said...

Hey hey, remember the 101.1 gig last year with the heard...bestest memory of camp EVER! (ok one of many)
peace mate