Thursday, January 05, 2006

Here's another one of us mid-Mexican wave. Don't forget to check out for details on how to be a apart of the craziness! Posted by Picasa


kat said...

i always thought those ppl knew each other. but now i know they're random strangers it makes things different. they're a set-up flash mob. :)

are you really doing chants?

i think instant communitas is awesome. especially when the circumstances are in the good vein (ie, the heard) rather than the bad (like getting stuck in the middle of a flood in hurricane katrina). nonetheless, working through difficulties with a bunch of people you don't really know can be eye opening.

you start realizing how many people are around you every day that you have never bothered to get to know. precious, valuable people - each with their own story to tell. just like us.

Digger said...

Na we pretty much do all know each other, it started out with like 4 guys about 9-10 years ago and has just ballooned out as everybody has started to bring friends, who bring friends, who bring...

We're so much more organised than a flash mob!

Yeah we are pretty much known for our chants, we've got soo many good ones! A very small selection can be found on the website.

Yeah see I dunno if I'd classify the Heard as real communitas, if you look at the origins of the word when it started-tribal boys in Africa going through really hard times and needing to rely on each other etc...

Something like the hurricane would perhaps be more so, as there is that element of danger and risk, and needing to help each other out for survival. Check out signposts under the missional DNA section for some more good thoughts on communitas.

Also something like Falls or Pyramid Rock is indeed an intensive experience of community, but not quite communitas I wouldn't say, ie no real shared purpose or goal other than to have fun. Know what I mean?

kat said...

on the whole, i guess you're right. was probably just a mis-use of the word.

but thinking about it further...maybe it depends on the situation. i know when i've been to "the falls festival" with friends, sometimes there have been especially close times with people, where you stick together. there are so many other people around, that you form a community within a community and then there's a bond. our shared purpose or goal would be to aim for a certain standard of cleanliness and edible food. lol. and by far the most important - staying safe in the mosh pit.

perhaps different to communitas and not as strong. but a community with bonds stronger than before you went to that certain place together with all your shared experiences/memories.

guess that's just community.
maybe i should get out more ;)

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