Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Do we need a shared mission?

Had a great night at the Huddle tonight, getting together to discuss where we're headed in the future, and particularly what, if anything, our shared mission will be.

We're all pretty keen on it being a place that encourages, empowers and equips us all to follow Jesus better in our everyday lives, which is cool, so we're all on the same page with that one. So this may not mean us doing anything particularly outside of the group, but rather about encouraging us to become better Jesus-following teachers, financial planners, tradies etc.

It will also be about validating those things we do everyday as a part of our lives as part of God's mission to the world, and that mission is a lifestyle we live, not a program we run.

The question that we're still wrestling with, which I think is a very healthy thing, is the question of whether or not we, as a whole group, need a shared mission of some sort that we're working on together.

Whether that be an area we live in, a 3rd space we occupy, a subculture we connect with, a group we seek to serve or whatever.

So for me, I'm really passionate about spending time at the footy club, but not all our crew are, some of them are more into horseriding, snorkelling or whatever. So does it really make sense to all be focussed on connecting with the footy club, when we're not all into that?

One of the ideas we're tossing around at the moment is that the Huddle will not only seek to encourage us in our daily Jesus-following, but we'll try gather one or two others around us to form sort of mini-missional teams, who'll each be focussed on different areas, whether it be the poor, their area, a sports group or whatever.

Still all very much in the ideas stage at the moment, but they're just the questions we're tossing around...


backyardmissionary said...

great question Digger.

i wonder about this too.

There is definitely value in doing stuff together in that it galvanises a group and gives them a shared vision/purpose that expresses itself in action.

Perhaps a service project?

I doubt picking a common interest would work, as people are all so different. But a project that serves could work.

You can get by without it, but my experiece suggest a group gels better when they work together!

Tim Jeffries said...

This is a question I've been grappling with while setting up our community garden focussed congregation. My experience at my previous church was that people were discipled by being given lots of ideas about what it means to be a christian and expected to integrate that into their lives themselves. After a week of trying to integrate their new learning they came back to church where we gave them more ideas to integrate.

We did do other things to help them like put them in a small group or give them 'ministry' to do, but nothing that really seemed to make a difference in their everyday lives.

So for the sake of discipleship I think a shared mission is important. I think we need to engage in missional discipleship so that people are being formed in the context of regular practice, not just theory once or twice a week.

Of course after speaking with you recently I realise it is not always so easy and my own congregation is struggling with this same issue at the moment. So maybe your idea of having multiple mission focusses within the group that people can attach themselves to is a good idea. I would just want more than one person to be focussing on each area.

Gareth Williams said...

I try to think of it as two overlapping circles. In Myriad we have our own circles where we engage witrh people we know individually. But also we're trying to have a corporate circle where we all get involved in a project together.
The corporate one brings us together and gives us some group focus which as Hamo says brings us together.
So, in conclusion Professor Digger, I think we need both.

Digger said...

Hey Hamo, yeah thats something we've already decided on, once a month actuakky, doing something practical to serve people in the community/people we know/clean up the enviroment or whatever.

I think I'm coming to the realisation we can't all be incarnational in the same place/area, but its good to have at least one other to support and pray for ya.