Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Free Speech

We got around to discussing the Danish cartoons thing at church tonight, why all the Muslims were offended-which none of us really understood not being Muslim, should anybody be allowed to print/say offensive stuff against anybody and/or their religion.

There was some debate over whether a persons right to free speech should allow them to basically say anything they like about anybody, and anybodies religion, no matter how defamatory. Basically I said yes, no matter how absurd somebody's opinion, they should be allowed to it. Having said that, I do think there needs to be laws around things said in a public forum that will incite hatred or violence amongst others, but just because something will offend somebody, I don't think people shouldn't be allowed to say it.

I don't often use this blog for just my opinions, so thats my piece said for the next little while.

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