Sunday, February 26, 2006

I Used To Believe : the childhood beliefs site

I Used To Believe : the childhood beliefs site

This is a pretty funny little site, people write in their childhood theories about everything from religion to sex to grown-ups and everything that young minds don't understand and invent stories about.

I used to think the Government paid you to keep pets, and that my Mums friend was Superman. Anybody else have any more interesting than that?


kat said...

I used to think that "The Princess" (which was the tas-melb ferry boat before the Able Tasman, which was before the Spirit) was a submarine.

When we used to say goodbye to people at the boat, we never stayed long enough to see it go out to sea, and i always imagined it just kept going up the river (not stopping to think where the river went etc) and since there was a bridge in direct line - i thought it must have gone under water.

the day i saw it turn around, i commented about it and my brother just laughed at me. soooo embarassing. i think i was 7.

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