Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sweet! Get paid to do charity work!

The other week I stumbled (well I didn't stumble actually, I was in Franga and I heard on the radio a certain station's promotional cars were in the area-so Iwent to try scam free stuff!) across this offer which seems pretty flippin sweet to me.

Basically, the deal is Vodafone will, if you can convince them you're one of the four most worthy candidates-pay you your normal wage for a year (up to $50,000) plus up to $25,000 expenses to basically go and work for any registered charity or good cause you want, anywhere in the world!!

I'm going to have to check how that will potentially fit into my schedule of things for the next little while-if my motives are right and I'm not just doing it now for the free money, and maybe put in an application.

Check it out here. Could be well worth it!


Anonymous said...

hi6 to that digs! which charity would u go for?? i think its an awesome way to convince ppl to go out their n do something that really means something. what about the challenge of doing it without a usual wage? now i think about is an awesome opportunity, but somewhere in me is saying, scam to get out of work for a year, although in reality, charity work would probablly be harder then usual office work.
on a dif gonna come visit your church some time in the next couple of weeks, if thats cool, will msg u bout it for details in the next week or so.
luv steph

Anonymous said...

helen smith (last years recipient) and i used to go to the same church, actually, i youth worked at her church for a while...

Anonymous said...

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