Monday, February 20, 2006

Which women are really the oppressed?

Am currently listening to a few Brian McLaren messages before he comes out to speak this week-details here, and he was talking about world issues, religious/ideological clashes and harmony etc and made a very good point about the oppression of women across the world.

Made a very good point about how we in the West go on about the terrible oppression of women having to wear burqa's and be covered up etc, but maybe we-with our obsession with beauty and celebrity culture, are perhaps oppressing our women far more by expecting them to fit that stereotypical look... An interesting thought?

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Mim said...

yeah, one of my great friends from schools sister married into a muslim family and took on all the cultural stuff etc. including having to cover her face around any man whos not family. she wasn't forced into it but choose to despite crticism from people around her. she just really likes the modesty and gentleness of the culture which is something we don't think of- esp. after sept 11 steriotypes .