Monday, March 13, 2006

2nd Best One Day Game Ever!

The first of course being the the fantastic Grand Final win by the mighty Tyabb Yabbies Fourths, but a close second was of course the absolutely amazing game last night, which Australia ended up losing, despite having scored 434!

Amidst the celebrations of the aforementioned Grand Final win, I checked my phone to be absolutely stunned to read Australia had just scored 434, only to be further shocked when my mate turned on the TV with two overs to go, and they were about to win it!

It was dead set one of the most unbelievable things ever, 872 runs scored in 100 overs! I can't imagine how much we would have got had Symonds got in! But, lets just say, the pitch must have been an absolute road-what a shambles. Should make the Test Series interesting to watch, see if they can get their act together for the Tests.

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