Monday, March 13, 2006

4th Grade Cricket Champions!!

Yiew! You beauty! Not withstanding the premiership of the mighty Australian Volleyball Team last season, this was my first premiership since the U/14s, when I first started plying my wares as a wily leg-spinner.

It was a tight game, with the winning runs being hit with only 3 wickets and 4 overs in hand. But we were used to such pressure games, having won our semi-final with one ball to spare (which I hit for 4 just to make sure the scores weren't wrong) last week.

I bowled reasonably well again this week, finishing with 3/12 off 4, slightly down on my 3/9 the week before though! Also threw down the stumps for a run out too, so I was pretty happy with my contribution to the game, which also consequently earned one of the game stumps.

Although not quite tattoo worthy, we'll definitely be getting some nice baggy maroon caps embroided and what not. Now if only we can match that in the footy....

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