Monday, March 13, 2006

Authentic Worship

Went down to Franga CoC youth camp to help out over the weekend, which was just great fun all round. The thing I loved the most, other than seeing how Jono totally ripped off all the stations that they used at an Urban Seed gig, which are very cool, and will no doubt be ripped off by my good self at some stage soon, was the stuff they did for worship.

I've always loved the idea of re-writing worship/normal songs with your own lyrics about where your at with God at the time and that kind of thing, and having the people with the musical talent there, they pulled it off a treat.

They learnt all the words, and the kids all got such a massive buzz getting up in front of the rest of the church and showing them the lyrics they helped write, that to me felt like very authentic worship.


Mim said...

yeah- glad I was there to see/ hear it (btw changing lyrics/ writting own songs is a big part of music therapy esp with youth- who needs a 2 yr course to do that!!)

mase said...

YAY!!! do you know how great it feels to have pulled off worship/music stuff that digger got into!!!!!! :) I had a blast doing it. Cos it wasn't about what we 'should' do or how we 'should' do it, it was more like what we truly wanted to do, and what we got excited about doing, if that makes sense. which is what authentic worship is about!!! :)

Digger said...

Ahaha, very funny stuff Mase :) I think more importantly, God would have liked it! Cos sometimes I don't really reckon He/She cares much for what we pass as worship!

Mim said...

What made you think God liked it and how do you judge that?

Digger said...

Ooh good question Mim...

Not something I've put a massive amount of thought into but my first reaction would be that I reckon God appreciates it when we appreciate Him/Her and His/Her work.

God doesn't need that, but would perhaps enjoy being thanked, but perhaps not?

And also because I reckon maybe God wants use to use our creative talents we've been given, rather than just use our voices to sing stuff other people wrote.

Just thought of this, so perhaps the act of worship is more in the writing than the re-singing?

Mim said...

but for a singer re-singing a song is useing their talents like me playing the piano- and I can be creative within that but it doesn't help anyone else I guess. (I would love to play a Bach cantata and involve the church as part of worship but doubt many others would get much out of it- that and I don't have a small orchestra to work with).
Maybe the prob is that we do the same thing each week.

I remember being told once that one reason for the singing in church is that it's something that a whole congregation can work at and perform together, united in praise. We all have diff talents I'm not sure a service could facilitate everyone together. And maybe someone appreciating a gift in another person could also be seen as worship- don't think its something we can judge.
at times get anoyed when someone has found/decided on their talent and won't give anything else a go- is God idea the same as our as to whoes a good singer- diff cultures have very diff ideas- remember going to baysie when I was little with grandma and there was a young women with brain damage from birth who would sing every song at the top of her voice completely out of tune and sound just like a siren- but she loved it and I loved hearing it.
tough one, sorry about going on and all the music examples.

Digger said...

Yeah no dramas Mim, the music thing is something you as a musician have probably thought about heaps more than me.

Know what you mean about the brain damaged lady singing at church, had a similar experience a while back myself, certainly puts it all in perspective hey.

Yeah I think you're right about the idea behind singing-in that everybody can join in and be a part of it, is definitely a pretty important aspect of church life I reckon.

waynemus said...

Apoligies guys if I've joined the discussion only after it's died, but I've only recently reemersed myself in reading peoples blogs.

If church should be an activity which is all inclusive, should those who bear abilities in areas other than music, have their worship experience kidnapped by those who do have gifts in singing and music? For those who can only ever rythmically recite songs, shouldn't an alternative be offered? Are there other ways which all the church can be involved; Or can church be a culmination of activities which allows the gifts of all people to be shared.

Recently Baysie has trialed some discussion groups in place of Sunday evening music worship, which has allowed those who strive for more intellectual stimulus in worship to find sollice in discussing contemporary issues. This has also meant that it is egalitarian in governance, as the power is shared rather than being held by pricepean rule of the preacher, worship leader, or whoever else stands on the stage. Another question I have had bublling around is, is the stage essential, or can it be removed to allow equality in worship? The design I greatly admire and wait to see for myself, is a practice I believe the Bretheren used to/maybe still do use, where four pews are moved into one another, incasing the communion table. This sounds ideal as all are on an equal level, and Christ is physically testified as the center of the meeting. Anyway, just a few thoughts.