Friday, March 24, 2006

Comm Games Fever!

I must admit I have been absolutely loving the Comm Games, so much sport and so much cool stuff happening in the city, I love it!

I've seen a bit of boxing, some basketball and heaps of Athletics. Saw John Steffensen, Jana and the big discus man Scott Martin all win Gold Gold Gold for Australia, and will see a bit of Mottram tonight too.

The G looks awesome, and I'm just really stoked to live in Melbourne at the moment!


Esky said...

Did you check the weight lifting last night [channel 9]? It was the BOMB! The Aussies competed against each other in the end for Gold and Silver- One even attempted to break the commonwealth record by lifting 230kg, that's a bit more then two full fridges on each end of the pole...YIKES!

The games are rockin' yo


Esky said...

Oh and Digs, how do you come up with such cool titles for your blogs?

They are so well crafted you can make Mr topham jokes about them...

For example, "things are heating up, better call an ambulance, coz the games are all fired up"

Yeah i'm still confused???

Matt Glover said...

I was at the MCG last night too. Very VERY cool. Watching big Scotty Martin was absolutely the greatest. Wasn't sure if he'd make it around for his victory lap though!

Next time the games are in Oz, I want the job of driving that little remote control car that carried the dicuss' back to the athletes!

Digger said...

Yeah how funny was he jumping around-thought he was gonna try hurdle that fence.

And yeah, driving that little remote control car would be the coolest job ever!