Friday, March 24, 2006

The ins and outs of the Emerging church � Steve Addison�s blog � World Changers

The ins and outs of the Emerging church � Steve Addison�s blog � World Changers

This is a rather simplistic, but kinda helpful, list of some of the characteristics of the Emerging Church (even though lists like this do kinda piss me off because of the problematic nature of even trying to classify something as diverse as 'The Emering Church'), many of which I've known and tried to live out for a while now, and some which I'm less than sure about.

Here's a couple:

Out: Proclamation. Trying to save people. Getting people to heaven.

In: Presence. Making our community a place where you can feel the kingdom of God. Bringing heaven to earth.

Out: Church as a place, a meeting, or a time.
In: Church is a way of life, a rhythm, a community, a movement.

Out: The message of the Cross; the gospel of personal salvation.
In: The gospel of the Kingdom as justice and social transformation.

Out: Evangelism as persuading people to believe what I believe.

In: Walking the journey of life and faith together, each in their own distinct tradition, with the possibility of encountering God and truth from one another.

Anyway, it's an interesting list.


mase said...

Hey digs. interesting. i feel a bit uncomfortable about labelling some of those things as 'out' though. i mean, probably if the idea of them was rephrased, they'd be acceptable, but to say some of that stuff is 'out' with such a blanket statement is, i think, a bit dangerous. I think if there was an explanation about what aspects of those areas are 'out' - particularly refering to the message of the cross and personal salvation - and what areas are retained, would be helpful. starting to sound a bit like a 'pick and choose' what you like the sound of though maybe. could be completely off track...tired and rambling!!

Digger said...

Yeah no doubt Mase, definitely not a list I would totally agree with, and far too black and white for my liking, but its interesting either way, which is why I posted it i guess.