Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lent, And Covenant

kairos : kisses: Lent, And Covenant

I only just realised last Tuesday that Lent started last Wednesday, and due to a few other big things coming up at church last week it totally slipped my mind, which was a bum as it's something I'd really like to check out more.

Most of us Protestants aren't good with the church year/festivals/rituals and I reckon they've got some real value.

Last year I gave up drinking piss and watching TV for Lent which was pretty full on, but totally worth it. Neither of those things are really an issue for me this year, so not sure what I should give up.

Thanks to Hamo for the link to somebody who knows more about it than both of us.


Mim said...

mmm, things I don't think Digger could give up for lent?!- Sport of any kind, his blog, food, car, finding no. 8 funny, mob phone....
-whats the deciding factors meant to be for lent?

Digger said...

Yeah whatever-I could give all of those things up easy!

I dunno what the official criteria are, but for me, its about giving up something that has, or could, become more of a priority than your following of Jesus.

And right now i don't think there's any that fit that category, stuff i need to do more of, but not stuff i need to give up. Are you doing it?

Mim said...

yeah sure! don't sound so confident or i'll make you prove it.

like you and didn't even know it was on- I really have a lacking knowledge about any religiouse holiday other than Christmas and easter. How many days is lent?

Digger said...

it started last Wed and goes for 40 days up until Easter

andrew said...

Hello! from the somebody : )