Monday, March 27, 2006

My Church/Comm Games Dilemma

With the Huddle at the moment, Tuesday night doesn't seem to be the optimal night for us, but neither is Sunday or Monday, which were the only other possible nights. So until one of our crew finishes classes on a Mon, we're on a Sun-Mon-Tues rotation policy, so that one or two people at max are missing each time.

The rotation policy would be no good if we had plenty of newies off the street coming in, but anybody who comes is always a friend of somebody, so its not a drama at the moment.

Anywho, last night was our Sunday night night, and I was presented with a very tough dilemma. On my way to church I was offered a free ticket to the Closing Ceremony, which I initially turned down, as commitment to community is a pretty big thing for me. If I'm gonna be a part of a group, I like to commit to it.

But then my friend got back to me and said her other friend had pulled out, so would I be keen? I ended up deciding to go, which was a bit of a tough call, and possibly the right one, but possibly not?

If it was 'normal' church I wouldn't have thought twice about it, just because its a lot easier to sneak away from being a face in a pew than it is from a small group of friends.

I had an activity to run, but that wasn't an issue. Some leaders seem to think they're indespensible to their group, luckily I know I'm not, its just that I really enjoy being there, and gain a lot personally from it.

The other thing playing on my mind was that I do really like the flexibility of having a church where the group moulds and fits around our lives, and isn't the biggest most important part of our lives, our relationship with God should be, but our church meetings don't need to be.

I felt pretty bad just after leaving, not only because I felt I'd kinda let the crew down, but just really wanted to be there and have some good discussion about Jesus. But then I got up there and really enjoyed it, my spirits were lifted and I left feeling really happy about my place in the world, and loved every minute of it, so who knows...


geoff said...

The other thing playing on my mind was that I do really like the flexibility of having a church where the group moulds and fits around our lives....

It's a quote like this that scares me a bit about the whole emerging church stuff. Not so much for the idea itself - I think you're right, a specific meeting time shouldn't dominate your life - but the attitude and message you might get out of that. If the meeting fits in around your life, maybe your prayer life can fit around when you're not so busy, and it's all heading in the wrong direction. Now, I'm sure it's possible to have a very flexible approach and still make it all work, it just sent alarm bells going.

I guess the only real thing is that meeting together is a real priority, and that you are deliberate about the importance of that in your christian walk. And I hate writing comments like this cause it sounds like I think I have answers, when really I'm just trying to work out how these things should be. Loving your blog, keep up the good work.

Digger said...

Hey Geoff, yeah i think you make a good point actually.

I had to think over and re-write that sentence when writing it the other day, still not sure it says exactly what I mean.

I do think we need to be aware of the unintended consequences of an approach like that, ie no commitment to prayer and spirtual life, putting life stuff as our first priority over God etc.

Thanks for the comment though, appreciate it.

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