Friday, March 31, 2006

The problem for me with Examen type prayer

Quite a while ago now, I stumbled across various forms of Examen Awareness type prayers (examples of which can be found here and here), which are basically more contemplative prayerful ways of stopping and looking over your day, looking for moments in which you were most open to God/loved other people/were most thankful for and also moments you're less thankful for, moments you didn't live up to the kind of person you want to be etc.

This is something I've gotten into the habit of using most nights, as I find it a good starting place for prayer, as I invariably end up praying about whatever situations/people came up during the day.

Anywho, on Tuesday I was chatting with my spiritual director about various aspects of my prayer life and what not, and I reckon I've come across a problem with relying too heavily on this type of prayer, at least for me.

See I was finding myself coming to events or situations I was in, and finding myself often not feeling prayerfully prepared (which is a hard concept to explain, something one can only really feel) for them.

I think the problem was that I was very good at praying over what had gone on during my day, but was unfortunately lacking in the 'praying for stuff coming up' area.


Mim said...

wow you're disciplined! Roger's been getting us to do that in a journal- but I just suck at this style (sure I'll try harder now- cos' if you can do it..!!:) maybe I should use my blog reading/writting time).
But I guess the discipline can take over whne you just do without it meeting the needs- the 2nd one did have something at the end about looking ahead at the next day though or you could add your own q?

Digger said...

Yeah I think it does have something about looking forward to the next day, but I haven't actually read it for ages, just know it in my head at the moment!

Probably would be good to go read it again though!

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