Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Small Group=Church?

Had a discussion the other day with a mate about what we're doing with the Huddle and talked about the similarities/differences to a small group, and discussed that at the end of the day, its not heaps different from a small group, which I reckon is fine.

In fact thats the way I explain it to Christians who have no idea what a home church would look like, I just say its more like a small group than what they know as church, which often starts off some good discussion about what church is etc.

Does church need to be that different from what most people call small group? I don't really think so. For me the difference is in our heads, its in how we view what we do on a Tuesday night. For one/two of our group, its a small group for them, and for others Tuesday night is church for them, and I think both are right. Its not really that complex.

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Geoff said...

I guess the only thing left, is that if you can find the things that are good in a church, that you aren't getting in a small group and can work that into what you're doing. THEN, you have something unbelievably powerful.