Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I've been thinking a bit lately about the difference between what we might call spiritual moments/experiences/connections and asking God for stuff/submitting ourselves to God in prayer/seeking God's will type of prayer.

First of all though, I must say I believe there is a lot of overlap between the two, but I reckon its really important we define the difference between them.

Examples of the first might be linked to awesome feelings of joy on the sporting field, or at a gig when you just really connect with the music, or that feeling surfers talk about when they're out in the surf and feel really connected to the waves and everything around them, or just an awesome feeling of community with friends.

Now all of these are great, and very valid ways of connecting with and experiencing God, but I think we miss out on something if thats all that our spiritual lives consist of.

There's just something about the discipline of committing ourselves to a quiet time of prayer, actively seeking God's already-with-us-presence, getting stuck into the Bible, meditating, reflecting on our experiences, praying for ourselves and others etc.

I think the second type can happen as a part of the first, but I need the second to enrich the first.

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