Monday, April 24, 2006

The church's goal...

Found this quote today from Lesslie Newbigin, somebody I haven't read enough of. Unfortunately don't know where its from. Beilliant!

The church’s goal is not to make converts who make more converts who then make more converts in order to grow the church. There is no purpose to that other then the making of converts like one might advance the allegiance of a certain football team over other teams or sell cars to boost sales.
That will not change society.
That will not address justice or demonstrate the advancement and imminence of God’s reign. That will not promote healing and compassion.
In sum, the world will not necessarily be better off with a bigger church.
However the world will be made new when the name of Christ is advanced and those who call themselves his followers follow in his ways and in his purposes to his ends until he comes.”

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