Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Consumerism in Community

Following on from some of the comments in regard to my last post, I have been thinking a bit about the real problem of consumerism in community.

See what I was referring to in my last post was more like the idea of doing certain courses/programs or hanging out with and learning from certain people, rather than being involved in intentional community with them, because i think there's a difference.

I see so many people these days leaving church, or leaving their small group, or whatever form of intentional Christian community, just because 'I wasn't getting anything out of it' when in fact this type of community is something that ideally we should be putting more into than getting out of. So when the musical worship isn't as fun/exciting/bringing you closer to God, they leave. Or the teaching isn't relevant, or there's not enough young people, or it doesn't help them in their spiritual journey, then they leave.

Now thats consumeristic religion if ever I've seen it, but you all know that.

Some of you may say this is a little hypocritical of me, having left one congregation at my church to start another, but you see the thing with me is that I didn't want to get some crew together to start the Huddle cos it would be more helpful for me, but because it would hopefully be something I could bring others to, and would be helpful for those not plugged into a church.

Having said all that, I do believe that sometimes we need to work out if a particular church/group is holding us back rather than helping us move forward in our spiritual walk, but then thats a pretty tricky line...


Mim said...

Me again!! prob not what you were getting at anyway- think its the 'hanging out with and learning from certain people' bit I'm having most issues with. So you find and hang out with ppl who offer you something until that ends and then move on to a diff person who offers you something diff that you need at that moment...etc..all through life?
Agree that sometimes life just takes you diff places... but I would rather have God decide that rather then me just feeling I'm not getting what I want/need from these ppl.
to me it just lacks any kind of commitment and screws up the whole idea of service- why should we hold these values in our 'church communities' but no where else.

Also rekon that when we go through stuff that doesn't fulfill a perceived desire or need- we learn heaps more about life and ourselves. (eg patience)such old fashioned values I know! (and don't worry- next time I'll crap on, on my own blog).

Anonymous said...

Hebrews 10;24-25

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