Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter Saturday?

Am putting together a 'worship experience'/spiro night for an Easter camp over the weekend and am slowly sifting my way though the plethora of resources on the internet, and finding very little for Easter Saturday, which is when I'm running this particular session.

I'm wanting to particularly focus on the very first Easter Saturday experience for the disciples, the disappointment, disillusionment, the loss of a great friend and spiritual leader. The questioning of their faith, what would it have been like for them? Would they still have hope? Did they have any idea what Jesus was talking about when he talked about rebuilding the Temple in 3 days.

I'd also like to track the theme of 'whoever loses his life for me will find it' and exploring the idea of the Easter story as an allegory for the Christian journey, of laying down one's life for others, the real pain and hurt that can bring, but which ultimately leads to resurrection and new life. I believe that story in itself has real power.

Not by any means is that the complete meaning of Easter, but its the window I'm looking at at the moment. The other windows, through which we look out and see the stories of Atonement, Redemption, Divine Example of Love and others, all help us to more fully see the meaning behind Easter.

So, does anybody know of any good worship/prayer resources to use for Easter Saturday?

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